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When to Mail Christmas Cards




There are a number of factors to consider when deciding when to mail Christmas cards. For example, the post office is extremely busy during the holidays, so it’s best to wait until the second week of December to mail your cards. In addition, it is important to avoid offensive words in your cards. You should also be aware of shipping deadlines for major shipping companies.

Sending christmas cards during the first full week of December

Christmas cards are a traditional holiday gift that you should send to family, friends, and coworkers. You may even want to send a digital card if you don’t get a lot of mail during the holidays. Regardless of how you decide to send your Christmas cards, there are etiquette rules to follow to avoid being a jerk.

Usually, the best time to mail Christmas cards is the first full week of December. This gives recipients two weeks to display and read them. Also, if you mail the cards early, you have more time to prepare your personal message.

voiding offensive words on christmas cards

While some people may find the word ‘Christmas’ offensive, there are ways to send a card without offending someone. The most obvious way is to avoid any imagery that is directly offensive to someone. This includes Christmas trees, Father Christmas, or Christian iconography. These images can offend people of other faiths.

When sending Christmas cards, avoid using offensive words and jokes. Avoid using blatant endorsements of religious or cultural traditions, and instead use a neutral, ‘Happy Holidays’ to convey your greeting.

dding a memento or gift item to a card

Adding a memento or gift object to a Christmas card can be a great way to make it more special. It also helps save money on postage. Many people like to include a photo or small item in their annual Christmas card. This way, they can keep the recipients updated about family changes. A photo can also give the recipients more information about you than a simple card can. You can collect photos from your family or from your children’s school. You can even buy small gift cards and put them inside the card.

Adding a photo to a Christmas card is another unique way to make it more memorable. There are many services that can turn your photos into holiday cards. You can also include older pictures to remind the recipient of a special time in their life. You can even send photos of relatives who passed away to remind them of the time they spent together.

Shipping deadlines for major shipping companies

There are shipping deadlines for major shipping companies when mailing Christmas cards, and following them is crucial to get your mail delivered by the holidays. USPS, for example, has a Dec. 18 deadline for First-Class mail and a Dec. 21 deadline for mail sent internationally. FedEx and UPS also have different deadlines based on your location and destination.

You can check the shipping deadlines for the two major shipping companies by using their websites. Depending on where you live, you can use their shipping estimator to determine how long it will take for your package to arrive. FedEx, on the other hand, requires packages to be shipped by Dec. 15.

Holiday shipping deadlines for major shipping companies

If you’re sending a gift this holiday season, you need to know when the major shipping companies are offering their Holiday shipping deadlines. USPS and FedEx have different deadlines for shipping packages to different parts of the world. You can use the USPS website to find the shipping deadlines for each of the services.

USPS and UPS have set deadlines for domestic ground economy shipping, but there are no deadlines for packages sent via their express services. However, the deadlines may change closer to the holidays. UPS and Fedex have yet to release their official calendar of shipping deadlines for 2021. DHL has not released an official calendar, but their cutoff date for domestic shipping is December 15. International shipping deadlines vary depending on the shipping method.

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