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Flutes Lamps Are a Great Addition to Any Home




The French Flutes lamps are one of the most beautiful pieces of contemporary design in the world. The design of the lamps is inspired by the lower part of a column. The lamps are made of bright pastel colours and were developed using 3d-printed positives in Southwark, and manufactured in Hackney, Soho, and North London. These are part of a London-wide design-make project. They are currently available for pick up in North London.

Van Pelt

A Van Pelt flute lamp is a classic design that has undergone several transformations. These reclaimed lamps feature a corrugated cardboard base and an original shade made of plywood. These were produced and distributed by Raynor in the 1970s. Many collectors of vintage lamps seek these original pieces for their collections.

Although the name Nelson is attributed to the designer of these pieces, it is unclear if this was a deliberate ploy on the part of the manufacturer or simply a mistake made by someone who didn’t know any better. In any case, Van Pelt designed these pieces at a time when it was not customary to sign and label pieces. This misattribution may be a sign of the quality of the design.

A similar approach was used for the Van Pelt Kite lamp, which resembles a box kite. These were released shortly after the “Flute” lamps and were sold in various department stores. They were incredibly popular and were sold for as little as $20. In addition to the “Flute” series, Van Pelt also developed the “Wireworks” line, which featured chrome bases with cotton fabrics for shades.


The Heifetz Manufacturing Company produced striking and stylish lamps during the mid-20th century. The lamps were born out of a design competition that was held in 1950. The competition was a successful way for Heifetz to showcase its work and to promote the company. During the competition, designers had to use an incandescent light bulb and create a portable lamp.

The Flute lamp features a chrome-plated lamp holder, housed in a glass cone. The polished cone reflects the light, while the glass diffuser focuses it upward to produce a uniform light. The lamps are available in several finishes, from antique to modern. They are a beautiful addition to any room. Heifetz also makes decorative sconces and pendant lights. These are some of their most iconic designs.


The Fontana Arte Flute lamps have unique shapes and designs that stand out from the crowd. Designed by a celebrated Italian architect, Franco Raggi, the Flute series features chrome-plated aluminum reflectors and a transparent borosilicate glass diffuser. The chrome-plated metal plate makes these lights durable and reliable.

Founded in 1881, Fontana Arte is an Italian design company. Originally, the company specialized in plate-glass panels for the construction industry. In the early 20th century, it branched out to produce housewares and furnishings, and was incorporated in 1932. The company continues to work with modern designers and has a longstanding commitment to daring design.

Franco Raggi

Franco Raggi’s flute lamps combine advanced craftsmanship with aesthetically sound design. Each lamp’s chrome-plated aluminum lamp holder is held atop a polished glass cone. The resulting illumination shines upward from a transparent glass diffuser. The Flute family features floor and wall versions.

Made of aluminum, the flute lamp features a glass cone that is supported by three thin metal rods. The glass cone is surrounded by a chromed metal base and stem of borosilicate clear glass. The wire and dimmer are transparent, too. The lamp is available in a larger version; please ask your Concierge for more information.

Franco Raggi’s flute lamps were a collaboration between two Italian glassmakers. Luigi Fontana founded a glassmaking business in 1881, and his bread and butter was glass plates for the construction industry. In 1930, he and Gianluigi Ponti met at a design exhibition. Ponti was the artistic director of the Richard Ginori ceramics workshop and the editor of influential design magazine Domus. Together, they hatched the idea of creating a firm that would offer a diversified line of housewares and furniture. They formed Fontana Arte in 1932, and in the following years, each contributed signature lamps to the company. Both contributed to the company’s production of flute lamps, including the orb-atop-cone Bilia table lamp and Gianluigi’s 0024 pendant.

Herman Miller

These beautiful Herman Miller desk lamps are made with advanced LED technology to produce energy that is up to eighty-five percent recyclable. They also have a long lifespan and require no bulb replacement or service. The design is very modern and will fit into any modern home. This desk lamp is ideal for the office or home study, and features a beautiful flute-shaped base for an elegant, minimalist design.

The Flute is highly user-friendly, too. It is easy to use and weighs only two pounds, and is clamp-mounted for added versatility. It can be turned on and off with a simple touch. It also has an integrated heat sink, so you don’t have to worry about the lamp getting too hot. It comes in a variety of color combinations, including white, black, and yellow.

The Flute has another major benefit: it is energy-efficient. Its use of LED technology reduces energy consumption by thirty to fifty percent. It produces 31 lumens per watt, resulting in a very low carbon footprint. LED technology also eliminates the need for bulb replacements, making the Flute extremely cost-effective. This design is also 85% recyclable, which means that it will save you money in the long run.

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