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Gorgeous Long Mirror Ideas To Create The Illusion Of A Bigger Space

One might think that having a mirror brings forth one benefit: that of being able to style your outfit before leaving the house. However, a mirror does so much more than that, even offering the illusion of more light or space inside the room. Long mirrors might occupy more space, but they also offer a…
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Uvalda Modern Contemporary Cheval Mirror
Long mirrors

Choosing a Long Mirror

For those of you looking for a long mirror with lights, we’d like to present the Isbah. It is a stylish wall mirror that measures 65” H x 22” W x 1.18” D and comes with a plug-in system that gives it the power needed to operate the 5000K LED lights. The front side of the mirror is equipped with touch-sensitive buttons that allow you to turn the mirror’s lights on and off. The smart design of the mirror comes with smart dimming and a memory capacity to memorize the last brightness setting. The classic and sleek frame is made from quality metal.

  • First of all, you need to consider the size of the mirror you’re thinking of buying. The most common dimensions for this type of mirror vary between 43 x 13 inches and 68 x 32 inches. Needless to say, larger mirrors will also cost more, so you have to check your available budget and how much free space you have at your disposal before actually choosing a mirror.
  • Price is another aspect you should have in mind because long mirrors can be ridiculously cheap or super expensive. The frame that’s used to make the mirror is one of the factors that will determine the end cost, but so is the size of the mirror. Mirrors made with cheap plastic frames are less expensive compared to others that have intricate wood or metal frames.
  • Then, consider the frame of the mirror. There are plenty of different materials that can be used to make these frames: from plastic to wood, and even high-quality metals, like copper or silver. Some mirrors are frameless, and they usually cost less compared to framed models. The least expensive options are low-quality and plastic-framed mirrors but they come at the cost of durability. Some frames come with intricate carvings, designs, and patterns.
  • You might also want to consider the shape of the mirror, as you can choose between rectangular, oval, or even rounded mirrors. The shape should match the existing decor inside the room where you’re going to place the mirror.

Pros & Cons of Having a Long Mirror

If you’re looking for an elegant long wall mirror, this one by Glass Warehouse might just tick off all the right boxes. It measures 67” H x 24” W x 1” D and has a modern design with rounded corners for that little touch of diversity we all want to have in our unique homes. It has a quality stainless steel frame and comes with copper-free backing paint that helps prevent corrosion that normally occurs with standard mirrors. The pre-installed D-ring clips make it easy to mount this mirror to a wall both horizontally and vertically.
There are so many things we love about this Talmadge mirror, where do we even begin?! Let’s start with talking about that thick and gorgeous wood frame that makes this a perfect item for coastal or French-cottage-style homes. It measures 74” H x 44” W x 2” D and features glass that is 5 inches thick, making this one sturdy and durable mirror. The brown finish of the wood bezel is warm and has a distressed look. The back is equipped with D-ring hooks for easier installation.
Fulkerson Full Length Mirror
Dhanna Full Length Mirror
Thinner than other mirrors we’ve seen today, the Umbra mirror is the kind of product that you want in small bedrooms or hallways, as the narrow construction makes it easy to fit even on walls that don’t have that much space to offer. It measures 62” H x 14.5” W x 1.88” D and can also be leaned against the wall if you’re not really a fan of wall-mounted products. We love the fact that the frame is made from rubber, making the mirror more impact-resistant in case it drops on the floor and lands on one of the sides.
Another mirror that’s definitely worth adding to this list is another long mirror with lights, suitable for all those who want to style their outfits or do their make-up/hair in low light conditions. The mirror is easy to install thanks to its Z-bar design, and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It’s equipped with 5000K lights that offer the brightness and eco-friendly system that only LED bulbs are capable of offering. The mirror measures 48” H x 22” W x 1.18” D and comes with a frameless design that extends the reflection all the way to the edges of the mirror. The touch-sensitive controls are located on the front side.

Amazing Long Mirror Ideas for Your Home

Isbah Lighted Full Length Mirror

Hub Leaning Full Length Mirror
Pro: You can literally check your entire outfit from top to bottom. That makes it easier for you to change or adjust your look and only leave the house when you’re fully satisfied and doubtless about how awesome you’ve styled your wardrobe today.

Donoho Frameless Lighted Full Length Mirror

Jolien Modern Contemporary Full Length Mirror
There is no precise answer to this question, as a long mirror can cost anything between and ,000, depending on a bunch of details related to its construction and potentially additional features.

Martinsen Full Length Mirror

Generally speaking, the full-length size options available for mirrors are 36, 40, and 48 inches. However, there is an unwritten rule that suggests the fact that a mirror should be at least half the length of the tallest person using it.
The post Gorgeous Long Mirror Ideas To Create The Illusion Of A Bigger Space appeared first on Homedit.

Aaron-Lee Beveled Frameless Full Length Mirror

Coming in strong at 64.17” H x 21.26” W x 0.79” D, we bring you the Jolien mirror. It is designed with a blast-resistant back, a thin sheet of film that keeps the pieces of the mirror together in case it should ever break. It’s easy to install and quite versatile in this chapter, regardless of whether you want to hang it on the wall or place it as a freestanding mirror inside the room. The edge of the mirror is made from plastic, hence the relatively low price of the mirror (at least when compared to other mirrors we’ve shown you so far).
Con: They can be quite heavy. This should be a problem if you’re going to hang the mirror against a resistant wall or the mirror you bought has sturdy hardware for wall mounting. It could be a problem if you want to move the mirror constantly, as changing its position while lifting all that weight can be tricky. While some mirrors are as light as 10 pounds, others weigh more than 100.

Jolien Modern & Contemporary Full Length Mirror

Kenner Full Length Mirror
Pro: They can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Generally speaking, long mirrors come with holes or some sort of mounting system that allows you to secure the rectangle mirror on the wall in either a vertical or horizontal position. What you choose is completely up to you.

Uvalda Modern & Contemporary Cheval Mirror

Isbah Lighted Full Length Mirror
The Kenner mirror is another perfect example of how quality mirrors don’t have to cost a small fortune. Measuring 51.18” H x 15.75” W x 0.79” D, this mirror weighs around 14 pounds and comes with a metal frame that feels very sturdy and long-lasting. It has simple and elegant lines that add to the modern design of the mirror. The brackets make for easy installation, while the price of the mirror is definitely something we can get on board with. It’s definitely a mirror for people who are looking for a bargain buy.

Modern Full-Length Mirror

Long mirrors are generally referred to as full-length mirrors. Another term used for long mirrors is cheval glass. This is used to describe a tall dressing mirror that’s suspended between two pillars. It dates back to the 18th century and it is one of the most common types of long mirrors used to this day.
As we explained in the first part of this article, a cheval mirror is basically a freestanding mirror that’s supported by two poles located on the right and the left sides. The Uvalda is one of those mirrors, with a beautiful thick wooden frame and a freestanding construction that allows you to place it wherever you want inside your home. It measures 58.6” H x 21” W x 18” D and weighs 15 pounds, so it should be fairly easy to move this around the house if you ever feel like switching its position.

Kenner Full Length Mirror

Donoho Frameless Lighted Full Length Mirror
Just as the name implies, a full-length mirror is usually tall enough to allow a person to see their full reflection.

Hub Leaning Full Length Mirror

Martinsen Full Length Mirror
Con: They can take up a lot of space. Because they are designed to provide you with a full-length body reflection, long mirrors aren’t just something you can hang into a small corner of the room. They tend to occupy a lot of space, so measuring whatever free space you have available and then choosing a mirror is indicated.

Talmadge Coastal Beveled Distressed Full Length Mirror

One might think that having a mirror brings forth one benefit: that of being able to style your outfit before leaving the house. However, a mirror does so much more than that, even offering the illusion of more light or space inside the room. Long mirrors might occupy more space, but they also offer a variety of different benefits, so let’s explore their world a bit more in-depth.
Aaron Lee Beveled Frameless Full Length Mirror

St. Mark’s Place Morden Beveled Full-Length Mirror

Our next suggestion for today is a 64” H x 21” W x 1.6” D mirror called Martinsen. It comes with a thin metal frame that’s absolutely elegant and perfect for contemporary-style rooms. The frame is crafted from aluminium alloy and has anti-rust properties. This long wall mirror has a versatile design, so if you don’t fancy mounting it on the wall, you can always lean it against a wall.Aaron-Lee Frameless Full Length Mirror
Primm Antique Floor Beveled Full Length Mirror

Primm Antique Floor Beveled Full-Length Mirror

Even when it comes to choosing a long mirror, there are certain small features that make a huge difference. Some of the things that you need to pay attention when buying a full-length mirror include:
St Marks Place Morden Beveled Full Length Mirror

Greta Sleek Arched-Top Wall Mirror

There are so many things that a mirror can do when it’s placed in the correct spot, and you’re not just limited to putting make-up on in the bathroom. With a full-length mirror, you gain a better overview of your daily outfits, as it’s easier to mix and match clothing pieces when you can see how you look from head to toe. Additionally, a mirror makes a room appear larger, reflects light, and creates a sense of depth inside the room.
We end our series of longwall mirror reviews with the Dhanna, a beautiful full-length mirror with plenty of features that are worth the money. It measures 71” H x 32” W x 1” D and weighs a little under 40 pounds, so it’s not the lighted mirror on the market, but still one that could easily be mounted on just about any type of existing wall. It comes with a metal frame that’s resistant and thin, so you’ll barely notice it. You can choose to mount this mirror on a wall or lean it against it. It has quite a large size, making whatever room it’s placed in appear bigger.

Fulkerson Full Length Mirror

Another long wall mirror that we fell in love with is the Aaron-Lee. It comes with a frameless design that inspires elegance and good-taste, allowing you to see the layout of an entire room and, most importantly, your full reflection. The one-inch bevel edges are smooth and clear, but also polished in a sense that they won’t hurt your hands when holding the mirror. It measures 47” H x 21” W x 0.2” D and comes with four holes at the back of the mirror, using a hook-type system for wall mounting.
With 20 pounds in weight and 65” H x 65” W x 3” D overall measurements, the Greta mirror has a thin profile and comes with all the features we’re looking for in a quality mirror. The arch-crowned silhouette is combined with a very thin frame that adds a touch of elegance to any modern room. It’s designed with shatter-proof glass for extra safety and peace of mind, while the copper-free backing paint will prevent edge corrosion.

Dhanna Full Length Mirror

Having a long mirror is something that brings a lot of perks, but also a few downsides that we wanted to explore for the sake of our lovely readers, so let’s get into it:
Greta Sleek Arched Top Wall Mirror


What are long mirrors called?

Talmadge Coastal Beveled Distressed Full Length Mirror

What is a full-length mirror?

Modern Full Length Mirror

How much does a long mirror cost?

The very first thing that draws your attention when you gaze at the St. Mark mirror for the first time is the leather frame. This stunning bevel with tufted accents makes this mirror so versatile in style that it can fit in both modern and traditional decors with no troubles at all. It measures 64.96” H x 21.65” W x 1.57” D and comes with four buckles located on the back so that you can mount the mirror both horizontally and vertically on any wall.

How long should a full-length mirror be?

The Fulkerson full-length mirror is another option worth considering, one that measures 58.5” H x 25” W and weighs 50 pounds in weight. It comes with a wooden frame that has a beautiful brushed nickel finish, but also allows you to choose from a variety of other finish options as well (such as white, black, or gold). There are also multiple size options, so you definitely have a choice even if you prefer a smaller long mirror or a bigger one.

Bottom Line

Designed with a beautiful glass frame and measuring 79” H x 46” W x 5” D, the Primm long wall mirror is a sight for sore eyes. It has a modern design that makes it find its way with easy in modern-style interior decor setups. The beveled glass is high-quality, so you know you’re investing in a mirror that will last for years to come. Since the mirror weighs a little over 110 pounds, it’s really important to mount it on a durable wall that can support all that weight.
Pro: They are available in a bunch of different styles to pair with just about any home decor. You might want an oval or a rectangular mirror. You might want a basic model or one that’s equipped with LED lights to help out on your make-up in better light conditions. You might want a frameless model or one with intricate wooden carvings on a thick oak frame. Regardless of your preferred style, you’re very likely to find the long mirror you seek.

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