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Home Exterior Upgrades




home exterior upgrades

Home exterior upgrades can range from adding a new porch to adding a video doorbell. You can even add a new mailbox. If you’re selling your home, you can ask your realtor for suggestions. These home improvements can save you both time and money. You can purchase many of these home exterior components at a local ReStore.

Adding a porch

Adding a porch to your home’s exterior can be a great way to make it look more spacious and welcoming. It can also be a great way to cut cooling costs. Install solar-powered porch lights for added ambiance. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to make small spaces feel bigger.

Adding a porch to your home is a great way to increase the value of your home. It also gives you an area for entertaining and offers you a place to sit outside in the rain or sunshine. You can build a large or small porch, but make sure you follow the original architecture and style. Match the angle and pitch of the roof to the porch so the whole structure fits the style of your house.

You can also add railings or hand rails to the porch. Handrails provide extra stability, which is especially important for young families. Adding a Schlage Encode(tm) Smart WiFi Deadbolt to your front door is another great way to add security. The deadbolt adds both security and a modern look.

Adding a video doorbell

Adding a video doorbell to your front door is an excellent way to improve your home’s security. A video doorbell is very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Many video doorbells are wireless and can be used for locations beyond your porch. They also have two-way audio.

Video doorbells are easy to install and can be a great way to increase home security. Ring is a popular video doorbell with excellent features for a relatively low price. It can be installed in a matter of minutes and comes in wireless and hardwired options. Ring also has a Wi-Fi app that lets you control the video doorbell and receive notifications right to your phone. You can even unlock your front door remotely.

You can also get video doorbells that store videos on a memory card or even in the cloud. You should choose a doorbell with a high-quality resolution – ideally 1080p or better. Some of these cameras can even distinguish between people, pets, passing vehicles, and packages. Some cameras have 180-degree fields of view.

Adding a new mailbox

Adding a new mailbox to your home’s exterior is an easy way to boost curb appeal and impress visitors. New mailboxes come in a wide range of styles and can be purchased from big box stores and hardware stores. Or, if you’re handy and creative, you can create your own decorative mailbox.

An old or neglected mailbox can be a real eyesore. Choose a mailbox that complements the siding color and other exterior features of your home. For a more modern look, consider painting your mailbox in the same color as your siding. If you’re not comfortable painting your mailbox, consider adding shutters. Shutters can add a classic look to your home’s exterior. But be sure to install them on windows that have enough room for them. Also, make sure to choose a color that contrasts with the main home color, instead of blending in.

To enhance the curb appeal of your home, you should consider landscaping around your mailbox. Planting seasonal flowers and shrubs near the mailbox will add depth to the area. You can also add a mailbox on a post that stands out near the street. If your mailbox is placed near your front door, it will save mail carriers the trouble of walking around your yard, while maintaining privacy.

Adding a stone veneer

Adding a stone veneer to the exterior of your home is a great way to upgrade the look of the exterior of your home. Using this type of veneer requires the use of special stone veneer cement. It should be applied in a thin layer, about one-half inch thick. Then, use a trowel to push it into the holes of a metal lathe. The final surface should be level with the stucco. Lastly, use a steel brush to roughen up the surface. The ragged look helps the stone adhere to the stucco.

The advantages of stone veneers include their natural durability and stain-resistance. Unlike manufactured stone, which often has uniform coloration and a uniform look, natural stone is highly resistant to wear and damage. It also adds character to a home. This material will increase the resale value of your home by as much as 97%.

Adding a stone veneer to your home’s exterior is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home and increase its value. It is not difficult to install, and can improve the marketability of your home without costing a lot.

Adding texture

Adding texture to the exterior of your home is a great way to add visual interest and personality. Whether you choose a brick veneer skirt, a stone veneer accent wall, or cedar shingles, texture can give your home personality. It can also boost curb appeal. Read on to learn more about how to add texture to your home’s exterior.

While increasing the texture on your home exterior is relatively easy to do yourself, some options may require a professional’s expertise. For example, adding different types of building materials is a more complicated process. Although some of these options can be done by the homeowner, it is always best to seek professional help.

If you’re adding texture to your home interior, try mixing different types of textiles. For example, a contemporary room may have a modern mix of patterned tiles and stone walls, while a more traditional one might have hardwood floors. A good way to balance these styles is to add vintage artwork, handmade textile wall hangings, and metallic accents.

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