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Small Porch Ideas




small porch ideas

There are a number of ways to decorate a small porch. Some ideas include a Plant/herb wall, vintage treasures, swinging chairs, and wall hanging displays. You can even add a floor rug to give it a decorative touch. And, of course, don’t forget to add a decal of “Hello” from Homeworks Etc. It adds a playful touch and is fairly easy to apply.

Plant/herb wall

A living plant/herb wall is a great way to bring your porch to life. While these living walls were once the domain of commercial sites and designer installations, they are now available for the home. They are simply structures attached to the wall that allow foliage to grow through it. You can choose from a wide variety of plants, including herbs, seasonal flowers, and bulbs. Your local garden center can help you choose the right plants for your space.

You can also create a plant/herb wall using recycled materials. For instance, you can repurpose old Mason jars and use them as a planter. Be sure to line the bottom of the jars with pebbles to prevent the roots from becoming soggy. Alternatively, you can attach these jars to attractive boards with chalk to give them a finished look.

Besides plants, you can also place potted herbs and flowers in planter boxes. These can help to add privacy to your porch. If you live in an apartment, you can even use a pallet as a planter wall. This option also requires minimal time and cost and requires no special tools.

Another great option is a plant/herb wall made of fresh lumber. This option adds curb appeal to your entry porch. It is also an excellent option for people who are not gardening-savvy. You can easily plant herbs and salad-making items in wooden baskets. The plants will look great against the neutral background.

Vintage treasures

For small porches, one great idea is to use vintage treasures. Vintage pieces add character and charm, and they protect furnishings from most of nature’s elements. A small screened-in porch is also a great way to add a vintage touch to the space. You can purchase vintage items and repaint them to match your porch’s style.

Recycled wood furniture can make great porch decor. A simple wooden bench covered with pillows and cushions can be transformed into a seating area. An old crate with a flower carving is a good way to add rustic charm to the space. An old sleigh turned table is another great option.

Antique pieces can add charm to any porch. Old rain barrels, books, and table centerpieces can be placed on a porch. However, keep in mind that antiques should not be stored on an uncovered porch. Vintage porch decor is the perfect way to spruce up an underutilized space.

Another way to use vintage items is to repurpose large containers. Old milk cans, for example, can be repurposed into flower pots. These containers can also be used as vertical gardens. You can experiment with various types of plants while keeping the authenticity of vintage design visible.

Swinging chairs

If you have a small porch, swinging chairs are a great idea. They provide comfort without cluttering up the floor. Pair your swinging chairs with matching white side tables and blue cushions to create a clean, modern aesthetic. Another great idea for a small porch is to add patterned tile.

If you have a small porch, you can also use rattan furniture. These pieces are perfect for a porch because they have the same classic look of furniture inside your home. For added character, you can use them to compliment your porch paint colors. You can also choose to use hanging daybeds instead of swinging chairs. They give you more room to add decorative pillows and can double as a style statement.

Swinging chairs come in a wide range of styles. If you’re looking for an eclectic, bohemian feel, you can opt for a macrame-inspired design. Alternatively, if you’re looking for modern or minimalist aesthetics, you may prefer a swinging chair with a contemporary feel.

Swinging chairs can be made of fabric, wicker, or metal. While the most basic models don’t have cushioning, more luxurious versions may have built-in pockets and a powder-coated steel frame for added strength. Some models also come with built-in drink holders and cushioned seats.

Wall hanging displays

If you want to add visual interest to your porch, you can incorporate wall hanging displays. This type of decoration is easy to use and can be used all year long. Hanging a wooden sign or a nautical flag is a great way to create visual interest on your porch. Another way to enhance the look of your porch is to put up a welcome sign.

Another great way to accentuate your porch wall is to hang planters and floral arrangements. You can buy planters designed to hang flat against the wall, but you can also use hooks to hang other shaped planters. You can also hang planters from old shutters or lattice woodwork. This type of decor is both decorative and functional, and will make your outdoor space more inviting.

A small porch can look cozy with country decor and wall hanging displays. Decorative items like old cabinet doors can be used to beautify your porch walls. You can also hang salvaged wood art to give your porch a new look. This type of decor can be salvaged from previous interior design projects and adds an elegant touch. Painting old cabinet doors can also make a rustic wall display. You can also use them as a background for a painted tray.

If you are decorating a small porch, consider what activities will take place there. A vertical pallet planter filled with flowers is a great way to add color to your porch while still maintaining a rustic feel. Another inexpensive way to add color is to use a rustic porch sign. It can state what you do on your porch or be an indication of your house number. A stained wood porch sign can also be an attractive accent to your porch. You can also hang a wreath on your porch, which will enhance the ambiance and help you mark the seasons and holidays.

Painting the floor and ceiling

Before painting the floor and ceiling of a small porch, you must prepare the area for the project. Before beginning the painting process, you should remove hanging planters and ceiling lights. It is also recommended to remove any covers from ceiling lights. You can clean the ceiling with a cotton mop dipped in Luke warm soap water. You can also use a power sprayer on a wider angle to clean the ceiling. You should also wear protective eyewear while painting the ceiling.

First, apply primer. This will ensure an even finish. A good primer will also prevent staining. You should choose a paint that offers mildew resistance. Use a water-based paint for most wood applications and oil-based paint for metal surfaces. A matte or flat finish will help conceal imperfections. It is also advisable to use natural rollers for applying oil-based paint. You can also use an edger to cut in sides and ceilings.

The next step is to paint the ceiling and floor. You should choose a color that matches the house. For example, you can choose a light blue shade that mimics the sky. This color will help the porch look open and spacious. You can also choose a white color for the ceiling. While white doesn’t mimic the color of the sky like light blue does, it will give your porch a more open feel. It can also provide contrast against darker color schemes.

Once you have chosen a color, you can begin the painting process. The painting process can be a lengthy process, and the cost of materials and labor is the biggest factor. The total cost of a project can vary from $200 to $500 or more. You can save money by hiring a professional painting service. Professional painters are more experienced and less likely to make costly mistakes.


Choosing the right lighting for your porch can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your space. It can make the porch appear more welcoming and safe. In addition to enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home, porch lighting can also help reduce your energy bill. There are a number of different types of porch lighting options on the market, so you can find something that matches your aesthetic tastes. To learn more about porch lighting ideas, read on.

Consider putting up a few hanging lanterns on your porch. They are a delicate and stylish way to add lighting to your porch without competing with the rest of your decor. You can also use floor lamps to add light to the porch area. These fixtures can also be aesthetically pleasing and add a rustic feel.

Hanging pendant lights come in a variety of styles, including industrial-style and traditional lantern-style lighting. A modern-styled version of a traditional lantern features a metal frame and cylindrical glass shade. A traditional style uses aged tannery die-cast bronze metal, with clear glass panels around the sconce. Adding a pendant light in the center of the porch can make a dramatic statement.

Another option for porch lighting is a floodlight. These fixtures provide a greater field of vision, but do not provide the same amount of light. Floodlights, on the other hand, are better for the general area of porch lighting, and are mounted directly over the door.

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