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Magnificent Landscaping Ideas Involving Stone Steps

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I simply love how stone steps feel underfoot, don’t you? There’s nothing like it. We’ve rarely seen stone staircases being built inside the house although there are a few very interesting ideas. Most often than not, stone steps are a part of backyard landscapes and we can’t wait to show you the amazing ideas we…




Easy to create a stone boulders steps Landscape with stone steps
Backyard Stone Steps
Making stone steps 150x150 Organic designs such as this one as the best way to showcase the natural beauty of stone as a building as well as a decorative material. These stone steps look intentionally imperfect and this help them look as if they really belong here, as if they’re a natural part of the landscape. Check out the entire process of getting this area ready and installing the steps on landoflaurel if you feel like you’re in need of some inspiration for a similar project.
There’s plenty of other beautiful elements that can accompany a set of stone stairs, like an artificial water feature. Isn’t it mesmerizing how the water cascades down these rocks, with all the beautiful grasses and flowers helping to shape it? It all looks very natural but in fact every little detail was carefully planned. It was a project by studio Matthew Giampietro Garden Design.
Photo of a mid sized traditional partial sun backyard stone landscaping in Chicago
The fact that stone steps are usually this irregular and asymmetrical in a way makes landscaping easier and offers more freedom. The pathways don’t have to be perfectly straight and that makes it easier to design a landscape which suits the land.
Stone can be used for much more than just stairs. You can build walls, benches and an entire patio out of stone slabs. The stairs can be seamlessly built into design and there are many ways in which this can be done. One example is this landscape designed by Green Solutions, Inc..
Natural backyard stone slabs
Take for instance this beautiful path with rock steps that seem embedded into the land itself. It took some dedication to get it all done and you can become inspired to do something similar once you check out the story shared by the 1966human channel.
A pathway of stone stairs is an absolutely beautiful way of taking advantage of a steep slope or a hillside area. The stairs can curve slightly following the natural shape of the land and they can be framed by rocks, plants and vegetation. This is a really great example by studio Your New House.
The stone stairs look exceptionally natural and timeless in this particular landscape envisioned by Larkspur Design for a residence in Manchester. Stone was used not just for the stairs but to shape the landscape and to define pathways.
When you see the finished design it may look as if it was all super easy to do. However, it’s usually the landscape designs that look most natural that take the most planning and effort. Managing to replicate the beauty of nature can be challenging but the results are often incredibly rewarding.
How to lay flagstone on front stairs stone coping on steps
Check out how beautiful this design created by Studio 342 Landscape Architecture is. The stone steps seamlessly transition into a walkway. The stone’s irregular edges and uneven coloring transition into perfectly flat, rectangular concrete slabs aligned along the edge of the raised flower beds.
stone staircases
Building a Stone Stairway
One of the things we love most about stone stairs is their timeless look. They look as if they’re a part of the landscape as if they’ve been there since the beginning of time, shaped by the wind and water. In this particular case the backyard rocks strategically placed at the base and alongside the stairs emphasize this beauty even more. This was all done by Capitol Hardscapes.
Stone stairs like the ones created here by AspenFalls Custom Design and Landscape play an important role in defining the aesthetic of the entire setup. Their texture, irregular shapes and surfaces and unique coloring are in harmony with the surroundings and that’s extremely important.
Creating a rustic and mountain landscape decor with boulders steps
The post Magnificent Landscaping Ideas Involving Stone Steps appeared first on Homedit.
Stacked Stone Steps
Bricks stone DIY
This beautiful stone pathway is actually not really made of stone. These stepping stones are in fact made of concrete but they look quite authentic because each has a unique and a very organic shape. It’s a really cool and simple way of landscaping a garden or a backyard and this strategy can also be used if you want to make a set of stone stairs going up or down a slope. Check out this video by Artsy Pretty Plants to find out more details.
The key to making stone steps look natural is to take advantage of their imperfections and making the most of this material and its unique characteristics. This can be done without compromising the integrity and safety of each step, as exemplified here by CLC Landscape Design.
Backyard water fountain and stone steps
As you can see, stone stairs have a lot of character and have the advantage of being able to blend into the landscape in a unique and seamless manner. This is true regardless of the season and the colors surrounding the stairs. Stone, as it turns out, is extremely versatile.
These stone stairs have a bit more mainstream and functional design as opposed to some of the others which aimed mainly to blend in with the aesthetic of the landscape surrounding them. In this case, an uneven or organic design approach doesn’t really work so instead the stairs need to be simple and flat. It’s a cool look for the front stairs of a house or of a patio and if you’d like to find out more about them you can check out the 1kb construction channel on youtube.
Flagstone patio with stone steps
Building steps into a hill
Stone stairs make a lot of sense when the house they complement also has exterior walls made of stone. It’s always very satisfying to use stone to build not just a few steps in the garden but also raised flower beds, fences and other features.
How To Make Stepping Stones With Concrete That Look Natural
Check out this awesome water feature and those beautiful stone stairs that look like they’ve been on this site since forever. It’s cool that they’re darker than the stone around them and that they’re smooth, like they’ve been shaped by water. This was a project done by Stout Design-Build.
Backyard waterfall in Connecticut by Matthew Giampietro
Old and rustic stone steps
Most often than not, stone steps are a part of backyard landscapes and we can’t wait to show you the amazing ideas we gathered over the past few days. We strongly believe that these ideas can inspire you to give you your own backyard or garden a makeover in the future and to include stone steps into the design so let’s check them out.
Making stone steps
Stone stairs and rustic houses go hand in hand, especially when there’s also a beautiful garden to complete the picture. An inspiring example is this patio makeover project completed by I-Design Landscape.
Mountain Rocky terrain with slabs steps
The stone steps are built into the hill in this case which is a nice way of giving them a sense of belonging here and integrating them into the existing landscape. They help to extend the driveway and they’re made from a combination of materials which makes this transition look very smooth. Check out this video by Brantley Blended to see how it was all put together.
We love the look of stone stairs made of irregular, uneven slabs. They look more natural and more authentic this way. The fact that no two slabs are alike doesn’t make the stairs imperfect but gives each one character and uniqueness. This example by Zone4 Landscapes is a reflection of all those details.
Garden lawn stone slabs stone
I simply love how stone steps feel underfoot, don’t you? There’s nothing like it. We’ve rarely seen stone staircases being built inside the house although there are a few very interesting ideas.
It can also be the case that a more polished and clean look would suit an outdoor area better than something organic which can look quite messy in some cases. These stone steps and retaining walls by Green Solutions are perfectly suited for a traditional landscape. They still have a lot of character but they retain a simple aesthetic.
Landscape with stone steps

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