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Stylish Table Centerpiece Ideas For Dining Rooms That You Can Vibe With

The dining room is by nature a space that needs a centerpiece. Everything is centered around the table and having something displayed above that or on the table itself helps the eye to focus on this area and brings the whole space together. There’s a variety of different centerpiece ideas that can work here and…
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Neutral boho renovation in London dining room
CHELSEA dining room
There’s something quite theatrical about this dining room and it’s partially due to this sumptuous midnight blue and velvet combo featured on the drapes and the dining chairs. At the center of the room there’s a large, sculptural table with a round top and there’s this super delicate-looking mesh chandelier hanging right above it. Studio Larritt-Evans balanced the design of this room perfectly. 
This dining area is part of a charming London townhouse designed by studio AND. It’s quite simple and modest but the combination between the different materials, finishes and textures used paired with the openness of the room create a really inviting atmosphere. We also love the potted plant as a centerpiece. 
There’s so many beautiful dining room light fixtures to pick from and you should make a decision based on what looks good in combination with the table or other features in the room. Interior designer Dylan Farrell went with something simple, modern and fairly abstract in this case, a chandelier that coordinates nicely with the table’s base and the metal chairs. 
The post Stylish Table Centerpiece Ideas For Dining Rooms That You Can Vibe With appeared first on Homedit.
The oversized pendant lamp that’s centered above this dining table is the perfect centerpiece for a space like this. It helps to emphasize the breezy, open and airy decor and ambiance which suits dining rooms that are either open to the exterior or that have large windows. 
Sometimes a nice view is all you need to make a room look absolutely spectacular. That’s definitely the case here, in this beautiful beach-style house by Lane & Grove. The dining area is small and has a really cozy vibe, with a comfortable sofa on one side and a few woven back chairs on the other. The backdrop is breathtaking. A big or eye-catching centerpiece would have looked out of place here so something small and simple was chosen instead.
The Carriage House dining table
A Tuscan getaway in Sonoma dining table
Fond du Lac dining room
Of course, an ornate chandelier can also make an amazing centerpiece for the dining room. Interior designer Michael Del Piero used this to create a simple but also sophisticated dining area with a farmhouse-style table at the center and armchairs all around it. 
In case you’re looking for some kind of farmhouse-inspired centerpiece idea for your dining room, check out this really cool interior by Wade Design Architects. The custom chandelier hanging above the table is actually an interesting installation made out of metal and hanging from the beams with rope. 
Larritt Evans Barnard dining room
Georgian modern dining room
Ladbroke Gardens by Hollie Bowden dining room
The dining room is by nature a space that needs a centerpiece. Everything is centered around the table and having something displayed above that or on the table itself helps the eye to focus on this area and brings the whole space together. There’s a variety of different centerpiece ideas that can work here and we’re going to explore some of the options right now. 
This super chic design by Patricia Bustos gives this dining area a very art deco kind of vibe. It puts together several different patterns which would make the room seem rather busy in a different context. However, they all complement each other really well here thanks to the subdues palette of colors and finishes. The chandelier is an interesting focal point, featuring 10 light bulbs dispersed in a starburst pattern. 
There’s a lot going on in this dining area, a lot of details for the eye to focus on like the marble octagon-shaped table, the huge painting on the walls, all the different plants or the brick pattern. That’s why this doesn’t really need a centerpiece in the traditional sense. 
If you can’t decide on a single style or if you’d like to mix and match different elements perhaps an eclectic dining room design is the answer. On one hand we have classical design elements like the wooden floor, the table and the bench. There’s also the decorative molding on the walls and the ceiling On the other hand the light fixture has a very sculptural, abstract and modern design. This sophisticated combo is the work of Nicole Hollis.
Another great mid-century idea is to decorate the walls of a dining room with artwork. Here you can see a vertical painting adding color to this otherwise simple and neutral decor created by studio AP Design House, Furthermore, there’s also a minimalist and fairly abstract table centerpiece which brings the whole room together without standing out too much. 
LaneGrove Bronte dining room
A rustic modern ranch house dining room
Add a playful touch to the dining room by introducing a few different accent colors and playing around with different shapes. Here for instance the table itself has a really interesting design, combining several top sections with these lovely mint green, soft coral and brown nuances. These colors are also reiterated by the three chandeliers which have different sizes, shapes and colors. This chic design was created by Fleur Delesalle. 
This light palette of colors and the simplicity of the materials used are fitting for a beach house. The ceiling height is emphasized by the tall windows, skylights as well as by the super chic and stylish array of pendant lamps displayed above the dining table. They help create a very calming and tranquil atmosphere. This interior was created by studio Lauren Nelson Design.
AP DESIGN BANKSIA dining table
JB Park Ave Dining room
In a more rustic dining setting it can be nice to use centerpieces like ornate vases and trays filled with various things. Here studio Virginia Tupker Interiors introduced a beautiful little porcelain vase with an elegant blue pattern but also placed an even bigger centerpiece off to the side, in the corner of the room.
A sophisticated reworking of an Italianate Victorian dinig room
A mix of old and new pieces
Studio Salt + Bones designed a really charming inn in Sonoma and the dining room in this place looks so good. It has a big rectangular table made out of solid wood with a robust and sturdy design and these sleek and slender metal chairs on either side of it. The transparent glass vase and seasonal blossom branches add a delicate and light touch to the fairly dark decor. 
ShelbyNYCApartment dining room
It’s definitely wonderful to have a great view from the dining room but not every home overlooks the ocean. Nevertheless, you can still get a really nice effect by decorating the room with artwork. This interior by Sarah Solis Design Studio focuses on natural materials like wood and stone and a blend of modern and rustic elements. 
Aren’t these woven dining chairs just gorgeous. They really help to make this space feel super warm and welcoming. They stand out against the dark-colored floor and complement the table with their soft curves and lightweight appearance. The centerpiece of the room is actually the chandelier which is wrapped in greenery. This is a design by Hollie Bowden.
The vase is a nice source of freshness and color for this dining room while the decorative sculptures lines up on the shelf stand out beautifully against the plain white wall. There’s no chandelier or pendant lamps to get in the way or to draw attention to the ceiling so instead the focus is on the eye-level decorations. This beautiful design was created by Jeremiah Brent.
A small pedestal table with a round white marble top paired with four classic wooden chairs create a very cozy and chic dining area here. They’re centered on a flowing, asymmetrical area rug and just above them there’s a really cool light fixture with three slender and super long arms extending in opposite directions. It’s a lovely look for this elegant interior by Shelby Girard.
LaurenNelsonDesign dining room
There’s sometimes an opportunity to integrate multiple focal points and accent details into the design of the dining room. For instance, this one has an interesting wall art piece but also a modern pendant lamp centered above the table and a minimalist black vase as a centerpiece. This is a design by Neal Beckstedt.
Waking up in Palm Springs dining room
French chic dining room
A contemporary farmhouse dining room

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