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Stay Cool This Summer with the A Portable Misting Fan

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Have you ever wanted to spend some time outdoors but felt that the heat was unbearable even when you were resting under the shade? Then you probably need a misting fan. Fulfilling pretty much the same tasks as a regular fan, but using a different method to cool you down, a portable misting fan might…




Misting Neck Fan with 40ml Water Tanks Mist Spray
Some people believe that misting fans are really efficient, so let’s talk about how they actually work. Through the process of evaporation, the fine water droplets that land on your skin will draw heat away from the body as they evaporate. They can also cool the air as the droplets dry up from the surfaces around you.
There are three speed levels to choose from and you can select the speed by pressing the power button. Each press will increase the speed of the fans even further. It comes with 360-degrees adjustment and the battery power can provide juice for up to eight hours on the lowest speed setting.

Top 3 Portable Misting Fan Picks

Misting fans are believed to be able to lower the air temperature by 15 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty impressive considering how skeptical some people are about this type of product’s efficiency.
“These fans have a durable, rugged design and can go anywhere. My top pick for portable, reliable fans!” (Customer review)
A regular fan uses electricity to get a set of propellers moving and give you a breeze of air to cool you down. A misting fan, on the other hand, has a water reservoir and converts this water into fine mist droplets that land on your skin to refresh you. Mostly designed for outdoor use, misting fans offer the same cooling sensation that you get when you get out of the pool, but without leaving you soaking wet.
Outdoor Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit
Tabletop OPOLAR Portable Battery Operated Fan
There’s a lot of rumor going around about the efficiency of these products, as people aren’t really sure what misting fans can do. Today, we’re going to shed some light on that situation and let you know more about what these products are, what they can do for you, and then review a few products that we feel are well worth the money.

Misting Fan VS Regular Fan

Customer’s Choice: Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan
The battery is detachable and it comes with a micro USB charging cable that allows for fast charging. The fan also comes with a clip that allows the fan to attach to surfaces of a maximum two inches in thickness. You can select between two mist output modes and choose between three different speeds.
Simple Deluxe 18 Inch Misting Fan for Patio

How to Choose a Misting Fan

For people that want to spend more time outdoors when temperatures seem ruthless and all they want to do is go back inside and turn on the air conditioner, misting fans can be wonderful companions.

  • There are four main types of misting fans. Floor-standing models have an extending pole that connects the fan to the base. They can easily be moved around to a different position and come with a hose so that you can connect the fan to a permanent water supply. Wall-mounted models are fixed to a wall or to the ceiling and can be tilted to release a misting spray at the angle of your choice. Portable fans are more compact models that don’t take up too much floor space. Some of them are powered by electricity, while others require batteries to run. They draw water from a garden hose but they can also have internal or external containers attached to them. Misting kits are used to convert a regular fan into a misting fan.
  • Consider whether you want a fan for indoor or outdoor use. While there are models that can be used indoors, most of them can’t, and it really makes sense when you consider that your furniture might be covered in water droplets, soak moisture, and eventually suffer damage (which isn’t the case with outdoor furniture, which is designed to be weather-resistant and should be able to withstand a considerate amount of moisture without suffering damage). Even if you purchase a model that can be used indoors, you have to deactivate the misting feature. For outdoor use, you want to consider the materials that are used to make the fan. It has to be weather-proof, rust-resistant, and have all the internal components protected from nature’s elements as much as possible. The power source also requires protection.
  • Then, consider the power supply of the misting fan. Does it require plugging into an outlet or does it run on batteries. Can the power cord reach the outlet depending on where you want to place the fan? Extension leads might be an option, but they should also be weather-proof, especially where the plug of your fan meets the socket. Battery-powered units eliminate the electricity cord and they can be used pretty much anywhere. They are great for camping and tailgating, but can also be used in areas of your yard where you don’t have access to a power outlet.
  • The size and the coverage of your misting fan are two very important features that are strongly connected to one another. When you purchase a fan that has a high speed and large blades, it will be capable of covering much larger areas. For those of you that have small decks or balconies, compact fans should be able to do the trick. For those that want to cover a larger patio area, you want a model that can cover that area, which requires larger blades and high fan speeds. It’s important to note that the speed of a fan is measured in CFM (which is short for “cubic feet per minute”). When you have a fan with high CFM, you will enjoy more airflow.
  • The ease of use is also important and this includes having the power and water connections in an accessible place. The majority of misting fans available on the market are easy to assemble (make sure that you always read the instruction manual before attempting to put a fan together, as the specification and instruction vary from one model to another). If you already own a fan, you might want to consider purchasing a conversion kit to add the misting feature without having to purchase an entirely new fan.
  • Cost is an important consideration for many people, especially for those that don’t have a lot of money to spend. You can find lots of cheap misting fans, but remember that you usually get what you pay for and the unit is likely to break down just as the warranty period expires.

Best Outdoor Misting Fans

CoolZone by Sunheat CZ500 Misting Fan

Yes, they do, provided that you actually buy a model that’s decent. They eliminate water droplets in the form of a fine mist that evaporates from your skin, taking some of those extra degrees along with it. It works together with its air cooling feature and can drop the temperature of your surrounding environment with a considerable number of degrees, allowing you to cool down even on hot summer days when all you want to do is enjoy some time outdoors.
Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan For Outdoor

Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit

Portable Misting Fan
With its beautiful art deco-inspired design and the possibility to connect a hose and convert it into a misting fan, the oscillating model by Dynamic Collections is certainly a product worth considering.
Our next suggestion is a compact and portable fan that you can easily take with you when going on a picnic, when you’re out camping, tailgating, or when you need a fan in areas of the yard where you don’t have a power outlet available. The battery life itself is pretty generous, promising a runtime of up to eight hours on a full charge, depending on the settings activated.

Simple Deluxe 18 Inch Misting Fan

The different modes are available at the push of a button, allowing you to choose from settings such as fell-mode (creating a natural wind ambiance) or sleep mode (designed for night-time use). The water tank can hold water for an output of five to eight hours (this depends on the mode chosen). The misting volume can be controlled and you have nine different spray levels to choose from.
Outdoor CoolZone by Sunheat CZ500 Misting Fan
The Simple Deluxe misting fan is another product that’s worth every penny considering the wide array of features it offers for a really good price. It comes with six different speed settings, and the highest one operates at 5,964 CFM. It comes with an integrated timer that turns the unit off automatically at an interval between one and nine hours.

OPOLAR Portable Battery Operated Fan

Did you know there is such a thing as a wearable misting fan? This is basically what the NCC misting fan does, it offers cooling through a device that you can hang around the neck and enjoy a cool breeze and fine mist even as you’re walking down the street. It comes with two different misting options and you can also turn the mist feature off completely.
Another battery-powered misting fan is this one by Geek Aire. It is equipped with three nozzles that release a fine mist at a distance of up to 11.5 feet. The unit is made from strong ABS and promises to deliver a waterproof and rust-resistant product with a pretty generous battery life. Since the battery is detachable, you can choose to purchase additional units and, as they’re all charged, swap them so that you can get continuous use out of your unit. The 1,500 CFM airflow is always reliable, as this compact and lightweight fan offers 360-degrees rotation to make any summer day a lot more bearable.
Best with Adjustable Height: Simple Deluxe Misting Fan

Misting Neck Fan with 40ml Water Tanks Mist Spray

Best with Misting Kit: Dynamic Collections Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit
“The fan is powerful, the mist is so fine you don’t have a wet feeling but it definitely cools your body up to about 8 feet away.” (Customer review)
Even with the start of summer, which usually gives us a good excuse to spend more time outdoors, temperatures can sometimes be so overwhelming that you just want to spend time inside, close to your air conditioning unit. Misting fans are great for bringing more cooling options outdoors, where regular fans are simply not recommended. Today’s guide was focused on showing you why misting fans are a viable option in spite of the critique they receive, but also to teach you what are the features to pay attention to as you’re considering this new purchase.

Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan

Have you ever wanted to spend some time outdoors but felt that the heat was unbearable even when you were resting under the shade? Then you probably need a misting fan. Fulfilling pretty much the same tasks as a regular fan, but using a different method to cool you down, a portable misting fan might be just what you need.
Yes, Home Depot sells a wide range of misting fans, all of which are available on their site.


Do misting fans really work?

The post Stay Cool This Summer with the A Portable Misting Fan appeared first on Homedit.

Are misters worth it?

There are a few things you should know prior to choosing a misting fan, and here’s the information that you’ll be in need of:

Where do you place a misting fan?

Misting fans are designed to be placed outdoors, with some models being suitable for indoor use as well (provided they allow you to turn off the misting feature). They can be freestanding products or wall/ceiling-mounted units.

Does Home Depot have misting fans?

This cooling fan is designed to look like a regular art deco fan, which means it can be used indoors, as well as outside. It has weather-resistant paint and can withstand prolonged sun exposure without any cracks or warping. The weighted base will ensure the unit’s stability even on days when wind blows hard and has a tendency of knocking things over.


The CZ500 is a misting fan that combines top-notch technology with a design that resembles just about any regular misting fan on the market. In fact, it wouldn’t really impress you much at first sight, but the features make it well worth the money. It is designed with a polyester cover that’s prone to resist wear and tear, especially cracking and fading, which are common problems that might occur in outdoor exposure situations. It has an oscillating feature and three different fan speeds to choose from. There are four wheels to make it mobile, so you can move it around the patio as you please. It comes with a remote control that grants access to the features of the fan even from a distance. Other features of interest include mosquito repellent function and Bluetooth technology.
It comes with an additional misting kit that allows you to attach your garden hose to the fan and activate the misting feature, allowing the nozzles to spray a fine mist around the fan. You can adjust the height from 40 to a maximum of 51 inches. There are three speeds to choose from, with the highest setting offering 1,280 rotations per minute.

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