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The Value Of A Sheetrock Wall

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Sheetrock walls are the type of wall you will see more often than any other type of wall. While there are a lot of options for your floors, such as hardwood floors, the options for walls are not as broad.  But one of the most common types of walls, probably the most common, is sheetrock….




Screw the screws in every eight inches or so. The measurements don’t have to be exact but this is a good rule of thumb. This will be about 10-12 screws vertically for a wall. But don’t get caught up in exact spacing. 

sheetrock wall
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Cement is another option where the price varies depending on the region you’re building. You won’t find it for as cheap as sheetrock, but the materials aren’t too expensive. It’s the labor that you are paying for. 
Once you’re done, your wall should be all done! Don’t strive for perfection or you will drive yourself crazy. Instead, hope you end up with something that you can be proud of that brings joy to your creative heart.

What Is A Sheetrock Wall?

The post The Value Of A Sheetrock Wall appeared first on Homedit.
How Much Does Sheetrock Cost?
Removing tile from sheetrock is not easy. The easiest way involves cutting the grout and then cutting Xs in the tile. From there, you can lift the tiles up and scrape away the grout. It will take some time and will not be easy. 

Sheetrock Wall Vs. Drywall

After you use tape, add another layer of mud very thinly to the tape. Smooth it out very smoothly. While that is drying you can add spackling to the screw marks. Then, when it is all dry, sand it down and check for smoothness. 
While there may be varying thickness among sheetrock walls, 1/2-in sheetrock is by far the most common type. One-half of an inch is thick enough to not break while thin enough to screw down without any issues. 

How To Install A Sheetrock Wall

It is best if you can end the first sheet at the center of a stud as this will ensure that you can screw each board in without cutting it unless you need to cut the last piece. So if you are building the walls yourself, work with this. 
To find out more about the different types of drywall, check out this guide on drywall where you can see what each type of drywall is based on the color. This color-coding system rarely changes so it should always be valid. 
Many people judge sheetrock, believing it is low-end and always looks low-end. But that simply isn’t the case. Sheetrock can look just as good as any other type of wall, you just need someone who knows what they are doing. 

Step 1: Measure The Area

That’s because you need to cut around doors, windows, and outlets. So cut around them properly to ensure a clean and even wall that is easy to mud. Measure and mark a few times before cutting around windows and doors. 
While a sheetrock wall is the cheapest and most popular type of wall covering, it isn’t the only one. There are still plenty of different ways to protect your walls and make them fit in with the home of your dreams. 

Step 2: Cut The Sheetrock

Once the mud is completely dry, it’s time to paint. Choose paint that you like, perhaps something bold like gold paint, and then get to work. Painting is the easiest part. Just make sure you use painter’s tape.
This is the first step in creating a sheetrock wall and it is very important. You want to measure your wall at least twice. Write down the measurements of each wall and make sure everyone is on board. 

Step 3: Secure The Sheetrock

However, the type of drywall that you choose affects the price. There are different boards with different materials and thicknesses. Some are basic while others are made for soundproofing, fireproofing, and weatherproofing. 
There are pretty much only two reasons to add a texture to your wall. Either because you like the look of it or to cover mistakes. Both are acceptable. There are many types of drywall textures you can choose from.

Step 4: Mud And Tape

The first thing you do after you secure the sheetrock is mud and tape. Start by adding mud to the cracks and seams in the wall. Then place the tape down and smooth it over with a trowel. Use corner tape for the corners.
Installing sheetrock can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. But you can’t really say that the process is hard. In fact, once you learn how, it’s quite easy. That said, it’s very important that everything is done correctly. 

Step 5: Texture (optional) 

Brick is another great option though it isn’t very similar to drywall. It is a nicer option but will definitely need a professional mason to build it. Brick walls are very expensive even though the brick itself is cheap.
How To Install A Sheetrock Wall

Step 6: Paint

Plaster is one of the most popular alternatives to drywall. The problem is that in modern-day times it is more difficult to install, takes longer, and is more expensive. But then again, it also looks higher-end.
The average price for sheetrock is per 4′ x 8′ panel, though this can range greatly. This may sound cheap to you or it may sound expensive, but when you narrow that down to If you aren’t sure about the process, then hire someone to help out. If you don’t have any friends that are experienced, then hire a professional. It will be worth it to get the job done right the first time around. 
These are the most common types of wall coverings. Some should be placed over a frame while others are the frame and wall covering. So each installation method is very different than drywall or sheetrock. 
A sheetrock wall is a wall made from the material sheetrock. This material is made from gypsum, which is a rock that is ground up into a powder to create various building materials. It is very similar to cement.
We have an entire guide on fixing holes in a sheetrock wall. It truly depends on the size and shape of the hole or crack. So follow along and find out what type of hole you have in your sheetrock wall for best results. 
Sheetrock walls can be for anyone. Because they are affordable and look great, anyone can find a purpose for them. If you’re worried yours won’t turn out well, hire a professional. This is the best way to get quality sheetrock walls.

Other Types Of Walls

Other Types Of Walls
Image from Carpentry Masters LLC

But one of the most common types of walls, probably the most common, is sheetrock. A sheetrock wall is cheap, relatively easy to install, and works as well as any other wall for everyday purposes.
Stone walls are even more expensive than brick but vary depending on the region. That’s because stone is readily available in some areas and not in others. Though it is always more expensive than brick to buy.


Sheetrock is one of the cheapest types of walls that you can buy. But that doesn’t mean it’s free. Sheetrock can be pricey at times, but it is cheaper than the alternatives, with very few options being more affordable.


To hang shelves or pictures on drywall, you need to invest in drywall anchors. This will make it much easier to hang things on the sheetrock wall. From there, you can install the item as you normally would.


Sheetrock walls are the type of wall you will see more often than any other type of wall. While there are a lot of options for your floors, such as hardwood floors, the options for walls are not as broad. 


One of the easiest ways to clean sheetrock is to use vinegar and water. The diluted vinegar does a good job of removing most stains. After you clean the wall, you should always dry it to prevent mold from growing.


Shiplap probably has the widest range of prices. That’s because shiplap is made of wood and comes in a lot of different types. You will pay for the method of installation, the type of wood, and the size. 


Sheetrock and drywall are often used to describe the same item. But drywall is a broad term that can be used to describe any type of “drywall” while Sheetrock is technically a brand of drywall. However, they are both used the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Do You Fix A Hole In A Sheetrock Wall?

Now it’s time to secure the sheetrock. It is highly recommended that you use sheetrock screws instead of sheetrock nails to secure the sheetrock. This way, you can undo any mistakes easily with a drill.

How Do You Hang Pictures On A Sheetrock Wall?

This gypsum is compressed and placed between two sheets of thick paper. One side is usually brown and it should be placed on the wall. The other side comes in various colors, most commonly gray, and it goes facing out. 

How Do You Clean A Sheetrock Wall?

Sheetrock is often used to describe any type of drywall, no matter the brand. This is similar to the way that people now use the term “bubble wrap” or “sharpies” as generic terms now even though they were originally brands. 

How Do You Remove Tile From A Sheetrock Wall?

But if you want to give it a go yourself, you won’t be out too much money should you make a little too many mistakes. So don’t let anyone talk you into not giving it a try if that’s what you believe in doing. 

How Thick Is A Sheetrock Wall?

Professionals can be hired to do the job and do it well. They can have the sheetrock up in less than a week in most houses and will bring special tools to make the job much easier. So consider hiring one.

Should I Choose A Sheetrock Wall?

Paneling is the only option that comes close to sheetrock as far as price is concerned. Sheetrock is cheap all of the time, but paneling can be even cheaper if you buy it on sale. So keep a lookout, especially during holidays. 
Now, hopefully, your ceilings are eight-foot because if they are and your studs are properly placed, you won’t have to cut any boards. This is ideal, but even if you have this, some rooms will have boards that need cut.
Let’s learn more about this often under-rated building material that can be used for ceilings, walls, and even other types of coverings! You just might want it for your next project!
Once you decide on one, you’ll usually use a drywall mudding brush to apply it to your wall. The type of texture affects the method, so make sure you have the right tools ahead of time for the chosen texture. 

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