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Stylish Ways To Decorate And Transform A Small Balcony

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We typically associate balconies with small apartments where they serve as the best way one can connect with the outdoors and the surroundings without leaving the house. But even given how important the balcony is in this context we find it difficult to actually decorate it and to make it look and feel like part…




When designing your balcony take into consideration not just the furniture and accessories that you want to put there but also the way they interact with each other and with the overall frame of the space. Creating a backdrop wall helps to bring together a cozy seating area and can also create more space for hanging and displaying cute decorations. Follow @tanjasovulj for more details and inspiration.
If you want to add some seating to your balcony but nothing fits or the available options cost too much or if you just want it to have a handmade sort of feel, build something yourself out of reclaimed wood.
White balcony decor

Inspiring before and after balcony decorations

Balcony Decor by Hiding The Walls

balcony concrete floor
The post Stylish Ways To Decorate And Transform A Small Balcony appeared first on Homedit.
If the balcony is fairly spacious and open, you should definitely take advantage of that. Put an emphasis on the openness of the space by furnishing it with sleek and slender furniture, framing it with thin railings and reducing the amount of heavy or robust elements in the design in general. To get a better idea of how might look like, check out this gorgeous design shared by @rabobsen.

Hang planters and lights

Use hanging decorations 819x1024
balcony hanging planters
Decor for balcony 818x1024

Swap the floor

A small pallet sofa or bench is a great option. Find some cushions that suit it, add a cute pouf and some lighting and little decorations and the makeover is basically complete. Check out this cool transformation on thenationalnews for more details. 
What stands out the most is the custom floor which adds a lot of character to the new design. Other elements like the woven planter and the metal garden chairs and cocktail table alto contribute but ultimately it’s the little details that make a big difference, like the solar string lights, the cozy throw blankets casually hanging on the back of the chairs and all the cute planters spread all over the balcony. Check it out in more detail on stylebyemilyhenderson. 
When decorating a small balcony it’s not just about how much functionality you can squeeze into it but also about creating a certain type of ambiance.

Give it a purpose

Turn the balcony into a cozy and relaxing little oasis by creating a sitting area surrounded by lots of different decorations and details. Hanging plans, lanterns and other elements help to create a feeling of intimacy and coziness. You can also have plants dangling off the railings or along the walls and surround yourself with beautiful things. Check out @warsawjungle if you need some inspiration. 
You’d be amazed but how much a bunch of small things can change a space. Take this beautiful balcony design shared by @thehouseofsequins for instance. The benches and the table are the base of it all but it’s the lanterns, the string lights, the seasonal pumpkins and the cozy pillows that really make this space feel homely. 
balcony decoration

Bring some greenery in

Keep it open 819x1024
How to decorate a small balcony 1024x1024
Decorate the balcony walls 819x1024

Use patterns and textures

A lot of times the balcony is underused because we don’t really use it to its full potential and we just consider it a sort of extension of the home without a specific purpose.
Open balconies like the one featured on hellofromliz are the perfect place for hanging some planters. These ones hang over the railing and don’t take up any space inside the balcony. There’s also hanging string lights and a cute faux chandelier which make this space look magical at night.
A balcony, like every other room, starts as a blank canvas. In this case we’re literally talking about an empty space full of potential and opportunity.

Add an outdoor rug

Introduce a hanging chair 819x1024
Before and after small Balcony 797x1024
Since the balcony is the part of the house where we usually feel closest to the outdoor, it can make sense to fill it with greenery.

Make some custom seating

Balcony with fairy lights 819x1024
decorate a small balcony
Well, what if you give it a purpose? Turn it into a cozy little space where you can enjoy your morning coffee and catch some sunlight. The transformation featured on apartmenttherapy is very inspiring in this sense. The wood wall was a very clever way to hide the air conditioner while also making this space look extra warm and cozy. 

Inspiring details and ideas

Give it seasonal flair

Not every balcony has a sweeping view of grassy fields, in fact most overlook other buildings in their close proximity which makes privacy quite important. Make your balcony nice and intimate by railing the railings or adding a decorative separator like the one featured here by @un_grain_de_deco. This may not be a large balcony but it’s a very lovely and welcoming one.
Another great idea is to decorate your balcony with small rug just to make it more comfortable to be in and to make it look more cozy as a whole.

Introduce a hanging chair

Here for example the floor was covered in acacia outdoor decking and looks magnificent, especially in combination with the lattice on the wall and all the potted plants used as decorations. Head over to apartmenttherapy if you want to find out more. 
A nice and easy way to add some flair to your balcony is by decorating it with a few seasonal items. For example, get it ready for fall with a few seasonal potted flowers like mums and some cute faux pumpkins as decorations. This idea was shared by @whereheartresides.

Take advantage of the view

It sure is nice to enjoy mornings out on the balcony but why not also make this a lovely space to be it at sunset or even after dark? Hang some string lights, bring some lanterns and create mood lighting, making sure the balcony is as cozy as it can be no matter what time it is. Follow @karo_in_italy for more inspiring ideas like this one.
Beautiful small balcony decor 819x1024

Focus on the little things

We typically associate balconies with small apartments where they serve as the best way one can connect with the outdoors and the surroundings without leaving the house.
Hanging chairs are very alluring and look both cool and super cozy. They also fit in a variety of different spaces and the balcony is one of them. A hanging chair can become the focal point of attention of a balcony, even a small one. Turn it into a centerpiece for your cozy sitting area or create a lovely reading spot filled with natural sunlight. Check out this setup shared by @stefyplants for more inspiration. 

Add mood lighting

This balcony, although very long and narrow, was turned into a lovely space with the help of some cool patterns, cozy textures and a bit of vintage charm.
This way when you’re out on the balcony relaxing with a cup of coffee or a book you can feel like you’re in the middle of nature. Cover the railings in climbing plants or create a sort of green wall and don’t forget to add some flowering plants as well for a bit of color. Check out this before and after balcony transformation on myscandinavianhome for more ideas. 

Create privacy

Scandinavian balcony decoration
This gorgeous and also pretty tiny balcony designed by @citychicdecor has a ton of character which lies mostly in all these lovely bohemian details spread all over the place. The macrame hanging chair is the centerpiece and the greenery and the floral wreath go perfectly with it. 

Add some bohemian details

Give it seasonal flair balcony 819x1024
You can also use other textiles like blankets and pillows on the chairs if you want to amplify this effect and, of course, put an emphasis on the plants to really make this space feel like a little oasis. For more ideas and inspiration head over to papernstitchblog. 

Use warm materials

Minimalist scandinavian decor 819x1024
Pallet decor for balcony

Create a backdrop wall

Plenty of balconies have nice views that definitely deserve to be admired more often. So turn your balcony into a welcoming and comfortable extension of the living room so you can spend more time out here enjoying the view, the fresh air and the sunlight. This design by @ourhomeinspain puts an emphasis on the seating and offers plenty of little details and decorations that make it cozy without overpowering the panorama. 
Most balconies have concrete floors which is practical but doesn’t really look that welcoming. A great way to change the overall look and feel of your balcony without taking up space is by covering the floor in a different material.

Keep it open

A simple trick you can use when decorating a small balcony or a small room in general is to emphasize the verticality of the space. In this particular case that was done by displaying a series of hanging planters on the wall and introducing floor-to-ceiling parallel separators between them. This draws attention to the height of the space and makes it seem less tiny. Follow @arq_designer to find out other cool tricks. 
Using materials that have a natural warmth to them like wood or exposed bricks for example helps to make a space look inviting without necessarily taking up valuable space which is important in the case of a small balcony for example. Check out this beautiful design shared by @leblogdunmec if you want to get a better idea of how something like this can be incorporated into a balcony renovation project. 

Emphasize the verticality of the space

But even given how important the balcony is in this context we find it difficult to actually decorate it and to make it look and feel like part of the home. So how would one do that anyway? Well, here’s a few balcony decoration ideas:
Colorful before and after balcony

Use hanging decorations

Patterns to decorate a small balcony
Macrame hanging chair 1 819x1024
All the changes and additions made to this small apartment were meant to make it look and feel cozy and inviting, to turn it into a space where one would want to sit and hang out, to enjoy the fresh air and the sunlight. Our favorite thing about it is the way in which the walls were hidden behind reed fence panels. Check out engineeryourspace to see the whole transformation. 

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