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Types Of Curtain Hooks You May Be Interested In

It may seem silly, but learning about the different types of home decor items, no matter how menial, is important. Doing so can help you find the right items for you even when it seems like everyone is using something else.  Today, our focus is on curtain hooks. Yes, those curtain hooks. You see, this…
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Pin-on hooks are unique hooks that you pin onto the back of the curtain. They are used so that you can make your curtain compatible with all sorts of hooks without adding ugly hardware to the curtain.
It may seem silly, but learning about the different types of home decor items, no matter how menial, is important. Doing so can help you find the right items for you even when it seems like everyone is using something else. 
Pleater curtain hooks are very similar to pin-on hooks only they make pleats in the curtain. Since so few curtains come with built-in pleats anymore, this is a genius invention that you can use on almost any curtain. 

What Are Curtain Hooks?

When it comes to drapery hooks, there are many types of hooks to choose from, and finding the names for them all isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve labeled them all and added descriptions to make things easier for you. 
So instead of worrying, limit where you shop and try to find keywords to help, including the type of curtain hook that you want. Because the last thing you want to do is let something like this stress you.
Instead, you hang the holdbacks on the corners and then hang the curtain on them. This is primary for curtains that you never let hang down instead of long drapes that you use to shade the interior of your home.
Both of these things can be called curtain hooks, which is why it can be difficult to shop for them. Today, we are primarily talking about drapery hooks but we’ve outlined the two differences just in case. 

Drapery Hooks Vs. Shower Curtain Hooks

Choosing the right drapery hooks may seem even more overwhelming than it was before you learned more about them. But try not to fret. Because this is a small thing that can make a difference, but not enough that you should worry about it.
What Are Curtain Hooks?
The problem with these is that if the curtain gets caught and you tug it a bit, the hooks can easily come undone. This can cause the curtain to fall. So be extra careful with this type of curtain hook with children. 


Hanging Curtains Without Hooks
Magnets can be used in many ways. They can be sewn into the curtain or used to magnetize the curtain to a separate object. More often than not, they are built into the curtain and magnetized to other magnets. 


The styles of curtain hooks vary greatly, but they tend to vary more when it comes to drapery hooks rather than shower curtain hooks. Because people usually go fairly standard when it comes to shower curtain hooks.
Drapery Hooks Vs. Shower Curtain Hooks


You can also get magnetic ropes that you can use to hold your curtains back. These don’t work well to hang the curtains but they can be used to keep the curtains out of the way in place of wall hooks.
Choosing The Right Drapery Hooks

Types Of Curtain Hooks

But drapery hooks are different. They can be made out of any material but are usually made from some type of metal. Since the curtain hooks won’t get wet, your options aren’t quite as limited like they are when using shower curtain hooks. 
A scarf sconce is a type of holdback but it is special enough to receive its own spot. A scarf sconce is a sconce that you hang up that has a hole in it. This hole is used to slide the curtain through and hang. 
Despite what you may assume, shower curtain hooks are more versatile than drapery hooks. They work well for many other home decor projects and crafts. This is true because of a few different reasons. 

Pin-On Hooks

It is possible to hang curtains without using hooks. There are two primary ways to do this. Of course, holdbacks aren’t considered hook on some occasions, but we’re talking about something different here. 
It can be fun to find the right curtain hooks, and it should be fun. So get to it and let it be a good experience. Decide how easy you want the curtain hooks to be and set your budget early. From there, it’s all fun! 


The clips simply clip onto any fabric and it can be used as a curtain. This is great for those who don’t like sewing, those who want to use a specific fabric, and those who don’t like messing with standard rings. 
Clip rings are easy to use and relatively secure. However, if you get clips that can’t handle the weight of the curtain, you will be struggling forever with them. But get a compatible pair and you can be set.

Pleater Hooks

The look is a seamless hanging curtain that can even be used to hide the curtain hooks in general. This isn’t always easy to do though and will take a bit more work than standard curtain hooks to install. 
There are three things we need to talk about here because everything else is pretty much the same. The method to hang them is the same, the colors are the same, and shopping for them is the same otherwise. 

Built-In Hooks

This is definitely the most secure way to hang your curtain. Because as long as you hang the scarf sconces on studs, they will be extremely secure and the curtains won’t fall down uncles the sconces fall down. 
Keep in mind that pleating your curtain completely changes the look of it. So only pleat your curtain if you’re sure that’s the look you want as it isn’t super simple to remove the pleater hooks once they are installed.


But when choosing drapery hooks, people prefer something more lavish. So if you want something more intricate then choose drapery hooks for your project, just don’t use them for your shower curtain.
Today, our focus is on curtain hooks. Yes, those curtain hooks. You see, this is something that everyone has in their house but most people just grab whatever they find without thinking about which ones they really want.

Scarf Sconce

Types Of Curtain Hooks
The materials used for curtain hooks, either drapery or shower curtains, are different. Most of the time, shower curtain hooks are made from plastic or galvanized metal so that the metal won’t rust.

Clip Rings

If you don’t have experience sewing, you probably shouldn’t attempt to do sew-in hooks. But if you do, then you probably know what you want to do and how to do it. Just reminding you that it is always an option. 
Today, we’re going to go over the different types of curtain hooks because we all know that these different terms can be more confusing than helpful. But before we begin them, let’s get one thing out of the way.

Hanging Curtains Without Hooks

S-hooks are simply s-shaped hooks. They are common with shower curtains and super easy to install. All you have to do is hook one side on the curtain and one side on the rod. That’s all there is to it.
You probably think you know everything you need to know about curtain hooks or drapery hooks, as you may call them, but you probably don’t. That’s why we’ve composed a guide on what you need to know about them. 


Built-in hooks are super common, especially with shower curtains. With this type of hook, you’ll see holes in the top of the curtain with plastic or metal rings around them. These are the built-in hooks.
Types Of Curtain Hooks


The post Types Of Curtain Hooks You May Be Interested In appeared first on Homedit.
Holdbacks are still hooks but they are hooks that you hang up and then hang the curtain on. When you use hooks, you don’t need to use a curtain rod. You can if you want but it isn’t necessary to use one.

Choosing The Right Drapery Hooks

Curtain hooks are not some complicated item we’ve decided to discuss today. What we are referring to really are the hooks that are used to hold a curtain up, be it on a rod or on a hook drilled into the wall.
You use these by sliding the hooks directly onto the curtain rod. It is super simple as long as you know how to alternate sides and don’t skip any hooks. Otherwise, you’ll have to start over from the beginning. 
Sew-in hooks are something that you can do if you know your way around the sewing machine or can hand sew. You can sew in other types of curtain hooks or you can create hooks in the fabric for the curtain rod.
Although there are other types of curtain hooks aside from these, they aren’t very common and can be difficult to find. So that’s why we’ve only listed the most popular kind and chances are, you’ll use one of them.
First of all, shower curtain hooks are waterproof so they can easily be used in the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. Even outside! But they are also sturdier on most occasions and can easily be painted. 

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