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Vertical Tile Shower Is The New Bathroom Trend

Are you getting ready to build a shower or perhaps you are simply playing with the idea Either way, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered some amazing vertical tile shower projects to show you that they can work wonders. Why vertical tile shower? Because horizontal tiles are far more popular than vertical…
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This gorgeous design was shared by Juana Bautista. If you are into black and white themes then this bathroom will convince you to all but copy it. The bright white grout with the black tile looks stunning.
You can use any floor tile and countertop for this look but a black and white floor tile will help achieve the look. As for countertops, this marble countertop looks perfect but you can settle for a lower budget one as well.

Horizontal Tiles Vs Vertical Tiles

Vertical Tile Shower
Design from Denys Bondarenko

This depends on your floor, cabinets, and appliances. But most of the time, you will find that it adds more depth and texture whenever you use vertical tile showers and is more uniform when you add horizontal. 
Before we get started, let’s look at the difference between a vertical tile shower and a horizontal tile shower. These are both acceptable, but there are a few differences that can help you decide which one is right for you. 

Look Wider Or Taller

This green is perfect for any home, but especially one striving for that farmhouse look. The designer is Landed Interiors, a California-based interior design company with a lot of amazing projects under its belt.


Green shower with vertical tiles

Varying Patterns

This isn’t as difficult to achieve as you may think but it looks very complicated, adding to the appeal. The all-white theme is optional but it does help with keeping the room from being too busy with the tile choice.

Black And White Tie Dream

Black And White Vertical Tie Dream
photography by César Béjar, courtesy Juana Bautista.

Staggering Vertical Tile Shower
Now, this tile is as unique as can be. It is extremely rustic and it looks amazing. It was designed by designer and stylist Georgia Ezra of Studio Ezra. The designer is obviously a very talented individual. 

Get The Look

  • Black Tile, White Grout – this is the most important part of the look. The tile needs to be black and the grout needs to be white. Otherwise, you won’t achieve the same effect. So ensure that you do this first.
  • White Counters – the countertops need to be white to offset the black. Otherwise, the black will overwhelm and no longer be as special as it once was. Ensure you use white countertops, not dark ones. 
  • Gold Accents – this is optional but if you want this same aesthetic, it’s highly recommended that you use gold accents for your look. It really plays off of the black and white theme well while adding character. 

Staggering Vertical Tile Shower

Are you getting ready to build a shower or perhaps you are simply playing with the idea Either way, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered some amazing vertical tile shower projects to show you that they can work wonders.
You can definitely add your own spin to the vertical tile shower. Use any tile you want, especially anty subway tile, and simply install them vertically. It can be a bit more difficult but if you’ve laid tile before, there shouldn’t be a problem.
The bathroom is definitely one of the best parts of the house, primarily due to the walls and how they work with the flooring. Both are creamy white with the walls looking extra tall due to the vertical boards. 

Get The Look

  • Staggering Tiles – staggering tiles are the single most important feature here. While you don’t have to stagger them, it won’t be the same design unless you do. Everything else can go but this key point. 
  • Herringbone – a herringbone pattern for the floor is ideal. Because the wall is so unique, it is important to make sure that the floor is unique as well. Herringbone is a safe middle-ground option for floor patterns. 
  • Glass Shower Wall – this is necessary as well if you want the same feel. Because the glass shower door can open up the room. Without it, the room may look closed in due to the style of vertical tile.

Farmhouse Green Shower

Now, this is an interesting take on a vertical tile shower. The designer is none other than Yuriy Zimenko of Yuriy Zimenko Design Studio. Notice how the tiles are staggering and are seen in three different sizes?
Note: if you’re interested in the design above, you have interior designer Denys Bondarenko to thank. He’s a talented Ukrainian designer that can create magic in any home. 
Vertical tiny bricks laying on the bathroom wall above sink 729x1024

Get The Look

  • Green Tile – the exact shade of green isn’t important but it should be more of a natural, sage green instead of something with blue tones or something that is bright. This green is soothing and calm.
  • Small Tile – small tiles can be important for this as well. While they shouldn’t be super tiny, as that would be too busy, they should be only a few inches long and no more than two inches wide.
  • Muted Tones Otherwise – if you really want this gorgeous green to shine, you need to make sure that the other tones are muted tones. So try to keep things neutral as much as possible, using brushed metals as well.

The Merging Of Design Styles

This adorable farmhouse in particular is one of their best. While everything works together great, the relatively small vertical tile shower is the feature point. And they even put a fireplace in the living room! 
Why vertical tile shower? Because horizontal tiles are far more popular than vertical tiles for showers and it really is a shame. Both work great! That’s why we’ve decided to shine a little light on the vertical tile shower.
If you want something safe then choose horizontal tiles. But if you want something unique then choose vertical tiles. It should also be said that vertical tiles are more difficult to lay, so if you’re a beginner, don’t attempt them. 

Get The Look

  • Old And New – first things first, let’s add some old and new. The new is easy, but the old can be more complicated. Check out furniture thrift stores or distress your own furniture instead if you can’t find any you like. 
  • Moody Vibes – there need to be moody vibes for this look. This isn’t as easy to explain nor as easy to achieve. Try achieving the look by adding some key pieces that are only noticed if looking directly at them.
  • Selected Lighting – light and shadow balance is key for this look. You want to add some natural lighting but make it feel just out of reach. So that there will be natural shadows and natural light alike. 

Rustic Vertical Sink Tile

Vertical wood panneling for the bathroom
If tile isn’t your thing then don’t worry. You can still have that elongated look in your bathroom without adding tile. The whole house is amazing, showing off Kylee Shintaffer, the designer’s, amazing talent.
Bathroom with white vertical tiles and shower niche
But you too can achieve the look with rustic tile, plaster, and some unfinished wood for the cabinet. Does anyone else get Tuscan vibes from this quite Mediterranean bathroom? Something about this can make you feel so good.

Get The Look

  • Old Tiles – easy enough, right? Not so much. You can search architectural salvage stores for used tile but if you can’t find any there, you may need to branch out. Some new tile looks old and that is another route to take. 
  • Unfinished Wood – while the wood doesn’t have to be completely rough cut, it is much better if it isn’t fully sanded and smoothed down. It should also not have a shiny finish if you do add that coat of protection.  
  • Plaster – plaster walls and countertops are what you are seeing here. Plaster isn’t easy to use if you’re a beginner, but it doesn’t take much practice to become a master on simple, not sculpted projects like this. 

Going Wood With It

Want something that’s a little bit of everything? This super alluring shower was designed by Sean Anderson Design of Tennessee. The entire house was designed with an ominous, masculine, and rustic vibe.
Simply ensure that the tiles are stuck well before allowing them to rest. Because they are placed vertically they are more likely to fall. BUt if you have laid tile, then you can achieve this look easily. So go for it. 

Get The Look

  • Long Planks – the longer planks are perfect for the walls here. They run from the floor to the ceiling without a hitch. You can break up the wall with shorter planks but for this look, keep them long.
  • White, White, White – white on white is the theme here. White floors, white walls, white tub. You can add other colors but ensure that they fit the light theme with only natural colors when color is added.
  • Greenery – you may not have noticed but that splash of green added from the plant makes a huge difference. Adding indoor plants is a great idea, especially indoor plants for the bathroom. The room needs freshness!

Adding Your Own Spin On The Vertical Tile Shower

This is the most obvious point. Horizontal tiles make the shower look wider while the vertical tiles make the shower look taller. So this can make your decision much easier once you know which of these is more important to you.
The shower itself features work tiles paired with new tiles. Add the new cabinet with a copper countertop and you have an industrial mix of eclectic features. This is one unique shower that isn’t for the faint of heart. 
The post Vertical Tile Shower Is The New Bathroom Trend appeared first on Homedit.

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