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What Is A Murphy Bed? The Classic Fold-Up Bed

If you’ve never seen a murphy bed before, then you’re missing out. Murphy beds are perfect for making the most out of your space. They’ve been around since before the 1900s and continuously provide relief for those in small spaces. While Murphy beds may not be for everyone, most people will tell you they wish…
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Chenault Murphy Bed
Even if you have multiple rooms in your house but only one small bedroom, you may want to add a Murphy bed. This can give you room for tables, an entertainment center, and more. Most small bedrooms only have room for a bed. 
The Audet Murphy bed is simple and small when folded up. The bottom drawer actually pulls out to allow you to store bedding that won’t fold up. For example, if you have a comforter, it is better to store it than try to fold it up with the bed.

What Is A Murphy Bed?

What Is A Murphy Bed?
Image from Interior Anthology

Avalon Murphy Bed
That woman ended up marrying Murphy. So you see, it really did work out. You could say the Murphy bed changed his life and granted him a wife. The year he married that opera singer, he filed a patent for the bed.
You can build a Murphy bed out of a wardrobe, or make a wardrobe for it. You can build a frame for it and have it fold up normally. And you can even have a Murphy bed that folds up into a cavity in the wall. 
A portable Murphy bed can be made with a large wardrobe. It then works just like a wardrobe when transporting only it will be quite heavy, just like a sleeper sofa. If you move around a lot, this is perfect. 
This Murphy bed actually folds up and becomes a desk. There is no better way to save space in a bedroom than to combine a desk and bed. The design is flawless and looks amazing whether it’s a bed or a desk.

How To Use A Murphy Bed

Murphy bed jungle 1024x764
Image from California Closets Las Vegas

“He was a tinkerer, inventor, and he came up with the idea, ‘If I could put the bed away then she can come into my living room,” CEO of the Original Murphy Bed Company said about a young opera singer Murphy was interested in.

Studio Apartment

Audet murphy bed e1614704068441

Sibling Room

This is the number one reason people use Murphy beds. After all, it was the original reason. Only now, it’s not to invite women over, right? Of course not. It’s so that you can free up space and make your apartment appear bigger.

Small Bedroom

This Murphy bed offers a minimalistic design and comes in multiple colors. Get it in white or in one of the natural wood colors. The bed folds up very smoothly and the doors have a flat, contemporary design. 

Murphy Bunk Bed

If you like this design but want something more rustic, choose a textured color. If you want something beachy, then choose white. Color makes all the difference when it comes to design style, so experiment. 

Murphy Bed Sofa

The post What Is A Murphy Bed? The Classic Fold-Up Bed appeared first on Homedit.

Horizontal Murphy Bed

You really have to take a look at this design to believe it because it’s hard to imagine how perfect it is. If you love multi-functional furniture, you will fall in love with this Murphy bed instantly. 

Portable Murphy Bed

The size makes it perfect for any room, no matter how small it is. The only thing you need to worry about is the length when folded out. You don’t need extra space, so as long as it can fold out, then you’re good. 
Another Murphy bed with storage, this option also has storage shelves. You can put clothes in the cabinets and leave the shelves for things you want to display. This is a teenage dream and is completely efficient. 

DIY Murphy Bed

DIY Murphy Bed
Image from David Agnello Photography

The Murphy bed got its name from its inventor, William Lawrence Murphy, who invented it in the late 1800s. You see, during this time, studio apartments were quite common, which was where Murphy lived.
Loyalton murphy bed
Murphy bunk Beds

Murphy Beds You Can Buy Today

This Murphy bed comes in three colors and folds up into the most adorable little dresser. It is just over 3ft tall so you can use it as a shelf and have plenty of space above it for wall art or simply open space.

Chenault Murphy Bed

Again, storage is always a plus and this bed comes with storage despite being one of the smallest on our list. 
Walley murphy bed
And that’s what Murphy beds are all about. Using your space and furniture efficiently, while still maintaining the aesthetic that you are looking for. Find the Murphy bed that works for you and fall in love with saving space again! 

Emil Solid Wood Storage Murphy Bed

If you’ve never seen a murphy bed before, then you’re missing out. Murphy beds are perfect for making the most out of your space. They’ve been around since before the 1900s and continuously provide relief for those in small spaces.
According to CBS, Mr. Murphy invented the Murphy bed so that he could invite women over. During this time, it was inappropriate for women to enter a man’s bedroom. So he made his bed fold up so he could invite women over. 
A way to save double space in two ways is to get a Murphy bunk bed. This will save space even when the Murphy beds are out. If the people in the room are okay with bunk beds, there are only pros to this move.

Avalon Murphy Bed

There are plenty of other ways to use a Murphy bed, so get creative. If you’re not quite there yet, then don’t worry. We have more for you! For more inspiration, check out these amazing Murphy bed designs. 
A Murphy bed is a bed that folds up into a wall or cabinet. That’s pretty simple. You primarily see them in small apartments and dorm rooms, but there is a variety of ways to use them. After all, knowing the history behind them can be useful.
If you want to skip the DIY, then you can buy a Murphy bed today and have it delivered to your home in no time. Wayfair has plenty of great Murphy beds for any home. Here are some of the best options for any style. 

Giannini Murphy Bed

Siblings need their own space. But sometimes, having their own room just isn’t possible. But when you give them Murphy beds, it makes things a lot easier. You can even surround the beds with shelves and put a room divider between the beds. 

Loyalton Murphy Bed

Giannini murphy bed e1614703433273
This amazing Murphy bed claims to require no assembly. So you can just purchase it, unbox it, and be ready to go. It’s easy to roll around and can be put anywhere. Not to mention, it is quite alluring in all five colors it comes in.
When a piece of furniture comes in multiple colors, it feels as if you have that piece of customization and personalization that is so important in a home. Add your own bedding and you have a bed like no one else. 
Emil Solid Wood Storage Murphy Bed
Storage can be a lifesaver in small spaces, or really, in any space. Every home has storage of some sort. The more storage space you have, the less cluttered your house will be. A decluttered house is the first step to minimalism. 

Audet Murphy Bed

Most Murphy beds only come with faux storage. But this Murphy bed comes with real storage that goes on either side of the bed itself. This makes the Murphy bed larger, but it can be worth it since it offers so much. 
If you want the smallest Murphy bed you can get, consider this twin option. It is waist height or lower for an adult and comes in three colors. This is perfect for multiple small children who share a room or for studio apartments with multiple inhabitants. 
Buying a Murphy bed is great. But did you know that you can make your own Murphy bed? There are many ways to do this but they are all about maximizing your space. After all, that’s what Murphy beds are all about these days.

Vie And Rae Kids Murphy Bed

Your only limit here is your creativity. If you need to get the creative juices flowing, then check out these DIY Murphy beds that are sure to inspire you and save you a ton of money. DIY is all about saving money and self-expression. 
Another way to put a Murphy bed, especially in narrow rooms, is longways. You can have the bed fold down so that the side is facing the wall instead of the end. This won’t work in just any room but should be considered. 

Walley Murphy Bed

While Murphy beds may not be for everyone, most people will tell you they wish they’d had one at least once in their life. This is for all those people interested in one now. Here’s everything you need to know about Murphy beds. 
Sleeper sofas are a great way to save space. However, they can be uncomfortable. You can create a faux sleeper sofa by having your Murphy bed parked behind the sofa. Then, it can fold down over it when it’s time to use it. 
Kids murphy bed
Murphy beds were made to free up space in sleeping areas. There are plenty of ways to use them. Keep in mind that the term “Murphy bed” literally means the brand Murphy Bed, but people use it to describe any fold-up bed. 

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