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Exterior Window Shutters

Choosing a Cedar Shutter




If you’re looking to update your old shutters, consider using a cedar shutter. They offer a warm, classic feel and will add beauty to your home. You can choose from four standard styles. These shutters are custom-built to eighth-inch width and are available in many styles to match your existing shutters. You can also choose a custom style that matches your current shutters but maintains the archtectural integrity of the home.

Western Red Cedar

If you’re considering a new window treatment for your home, consider adding a Western Red Cedar shutter. This softwood is native to Canada and is a medium-density wood with great insulation properties. The shutters are usually 10 1/2″W x 19″H, which is the perfect size for a traditional home. You can even choose a shutter with functional hardware to add an authentic look.

These wood shutters are crafted using individual attention by craftsmen who take great care in the details. Once crafted, they are ready to serve their purpose for years to come.


If you want to put up shutters in your home, there are many types of shutters available to you. A redwood shutter is the most popular type, as the wood is durable and naturally decay-resistant. Redwood shutters are also available in four standard styles. You can choose from these designs, or customize them to fit your specific needs and maintain the architectural integrity of your home.

Redwood and cedar are wood species that are very similar. Cedar shutters are made of cedar, which is a lighter colored wood that is resistant to decay and rot. The wood is also lightweight and responds well to a variety of finishes. It is also relatively inexpensive, making it a popular choice for interior and exterior shutters.


Cedar shutters are among the most popular types of wood shutters, both for residential and commercial use. They are naturally watertight and durable. They come in many different colors, but the most common is Western Red Cedar. This type of wood is knot-free and has a smooth grain. It is also very resistant to decay, moisture, and insects. This type of wood can be stained, painted, or left natural.

These shutters are easy to install and are also quite affordable. They are made from high-quality western cedar, which is naturally resistant to insects and decay. They require very little maintenance, and they look great even without stain. However, if you’d like to extend their lifespan, you can apply a protective sealer.

Sapele Mahogany

Sapele Mahogany is an incredibly beautiful species for shutters. It has a rich, dark golden color and a beautiful natural luster. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Sapele wood is extremely durable. Moreover, it can be painted with PPG Break-Through! Ultra-Durable Water-Borne Acrylic.

In some cases, this wood is a better choice than mahogany. It is widely available, but not in every wood store. However, there are a few sources where you can buy it. Sapele Mahogany is not as popular as Mahogany, so you may want to shop around.

When installing Sapele Mahogany cedar shutters, it is a good idea to consult instructions and follow them carefully. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions to avoid splitting and rotting. In addition, be sure to fill any nail heads and screws that are coming through the face. Using a wood sealer is also highly recommended to prevent blotchy, discolored, or uneven-grained wood.


Western red cedar is a highly durable wood that is used in shutters. It resists extreme heat, moisture, and noise. In addition, it has an enticing aroma that drives away insects. It is also light in weight and does not shrink as much as some other woods. These attributes make it an excellent choice for shutters for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, cedar is dimensionally stable and comes in a range of finishes and color options.

Basswood is a light-weight hardwood with uniform grain. It is easy to machine and screws and can be stained to a smooth finish. It also dries quickly and has good dimensional stability. This wood is native to the northern hemisphere and is easily grown. Responsible forest management practices help balance growth in forests throughout the logging process. In addition, basswood is scratch-resistant, and can be coated with polyurethane paint for added durability.

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