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Farmhouse with shutters is an elegant way to add security to your home. They are made of reclaimed lumber and are designed with slats to prevent insects from getting inside. Modern farmhouses often feature reclaimed wooden shutters. They are also moisture and insect resistant, which helps them stay secure.

Modern farmhouses are built with reclaimed lumber

Reclaimed wood has a certain look and feel that perfectly suits a farmhouse-style home. It can range from barn planks to wooden support beams, or even driftwood and weathered posts from an old wooden fence. The key is to find items that have a story behind them.

The style of modern farmhouses is very different from the traditional version. The design is more minimalist, but the materials used are still traditional. The reclaimed lumber is used in the construction of modern farmhouses. The materials are often rustic, which is often appealing to homebuyers.

The term “modern farmhouse” was first used in a 2016 article in the New York Times. The Gaineses’ home design magazine, Magnolia Journal, has become a runaway success, selling out multiple times. Joanna Gaines also released a book, Homebody, which has become one of the best-selling home design books on Amazon. Their new line of homewares, Hearth & Hand, was launched at Target in November 2017.

They are built with slats

In the past, farmhouse shutters were made with slats and louvers, and their main purpose was to regulate temperature. They did this by blocking direct sunlight from entering the house and allowing air to pass through. They could also be opened and closed with hand-forged hinges and shutter dogs, and their solid wood construction provided a layer of insulation.

The design of a farmhouse shutter is influenced by the architectural style of the home. The original design features of a farmhouse were simple and functional, like their roofline and siding (typically white colonial). Windows were strategically placed, and they had porches for shade and to take off muddy boots. Exterior shutters were also important for this style of home, as they controlled sunlight, encouraged air circulation, and protected the windows from harsh weather.

They are insect- and moisture-resistant

Farmhouse shutters are a great choice for the exterior of your home, as they can be moisture and insect-resistant. Unlike wood shutters, which can warp or rot, solid-core poly shutters are insect and moisture-resistant. Not only do they last a long time, but they can also be painted any color you want.

Plantation shutters are also safer than traditional window treatments, due to the fact that they don’t contain hanging parts. Traditional window treatments can contain dangling cords that are a choking hazard. Farmhouse shutters also have no dangling parts, which makes them a great choice if you have children and pets.

While cedar is the most common material for exterior shutters, there are other options available. Some people prefer cypress or redwood, which are both moisture and insect-resistant. They also require minimal maintenance. While basswood is lightweight and easy to work with, it is not naturally insect and moisture-resistant.

They provide greater level of security

Farmhouse shutters are a good idea for a variety of reasons. They can increase the value of your home and increase its appeal to buyers. These shutters can also provide a sense of privacy. Their louvered design also helps keep your house well-ventilated. Originally, the primary purpose of farmhouse shutters was to keep intense summer heat out of the house.

The farmhouse style is associated with comfort and warmth, so finding the right window treatment is vital. While traditional shutters are usually made of black, modern shutters are made from different materials and can come in any color. The colors of the shutters can complement your house’s color scheme.

They are a perfect match for pops of color

Adding pops of color to a farmhouse’s exterior is an easy way to add a traditional feel. For example, if the house is white, consider painting the shutters a contrasting color. The shutters will stand out from the rest of the house, and adding coordinating pots and flowers can help add curb appeal. While keeping the outside of your home white is a timeless choice, adding pops of color will make it more appealing.

When choosing shutter colors, keep in mind the surrounding houses. Choose a color that complements the home. You also want to keep in mind the rules of your homeowner’s association. Colors tend to intensify in the sun, so you’ll want to choose a lighter shade than you’d use indoors.

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