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Exterior Window Shutters

Types of Pine Shutters




Pine shutters are a popular choice for homeowners who prefer a light-colored wood. The light-colored wood is lightweight and responds well to a variety of finishes. Pine is also relatively inexpensive. For these reasons, pine is used for a wide variety of applications, from flooring to interior furniture to exterior shutters.

Primed Pine shutters

Primed pine shutters are ideal for exterior applications. They are available in many sizes and colors. In addition to being easy to maintain, they also provide uniform coverage. Before they are installed, they are primed and two coats of PPG Break-Through paint are professionally sprayed on for even coverage. Typically, the shutters come with a satin finish, which is best for exterior use.

When purchasing exterior shutters, make sure the wood has been pressure-treated. This will ensure it will not rot or warp when exposed to weather. While pressure-treated wood may be cheaper, it will not be as durable as primed pine. Also, you have to consider the cost of customization when buying exterior shutters.

When choosing exterior wood shutters, look for a material that is naturally durable and attractive. The best wood for painting is cedar, pine, or basswood. These types of wood are inexpensive, but the look and performance of the shutter is more important. Many different types of bugs can damage the wood, so make sure to choose a wood that is resistant to these pests. Another important factor to consider is the weight of the wood. If you are installing exterior shutters, it is recommended to purchase shutters that are at least 24 inches in width.

PlacerCraft Premium Wood Shutters

Wood window shutters are a popular choice among homeowners because they can add an attractive and classic touch to a home. They are also handcrafted and can be custom ordered to match your specific home style. They are also an affordable option and a great way to upgrade the look of your windows.

The Premium Hardwood Shutters are made in the United States from solid poplar hardwood. They are faster to produce than the Classic Poplar Hardwood line and can be ready to ship within three weeks. Premium Hardwood Shutters are not available in cafe style or tier-on-tier style or in custom colors.

Basswood exterior shutters

Basswood exterior shutters are a great choice for indoor or outdoor shutters. They are lightweight, easy to work with, and dry quickly. However, you should consider their durability and how they will age. Basswood exterior shutters are not naturally bug resistant, so you should make sure that they can withstand the weather and the elements.

Basswood exterior shutters are available in a variety of colors and finishes. They can be painted or stained. They are durable and can withstand bumps and knocks. They are a great choice for a variety of homes. The cost of basswood exterior shutters depends on where you live. A cost of $15 to $30 per square foot is common. Lone Star Blinds offers basswood shutters for as little as $22 per square foot.

Basswood exterior shutters have a classic look, and their rich texture lends an old-world charm to a living space. They’re available in most parts of the world and can be custom made to fit your construction needs. While basswood is durable, it lacks tannin and resin, which means it can bleed through the chosen finish. When choosing the color of basswood shutters, look for heartwood that is reddish-brown. This type of wood is less likely to decay due to extractives.

Nemesu Mahogany exterior shutters

If you’re interested in installing new exterior shutters on your home, Nemesu Mahogany exterior shutters are an excellent choice. These shutters are made of solid mahogany wood, which is a durable and beautiful material. The shutters are available in a variety of styles, including fixed mount and operable. When installing them, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions to the letter. You should also be sure to fill in any screw or nail heads that protrude through the shutter’s face. This prevents water from penetrating the shutter.

In addition to natural wood, ShutterLand offers premium wood shutters made of three different species. Solid wood shutters preserve the original integrity of your home’s exterior and can be paired with authentic shutter hardware for historic accuracy. Additionally, all of ShutterLand’s wood shutters are kiln-dried before construction, reducing the amount of moisture in the wood. This reduces the tendency of the wood to expand and contract with changing weather, making them more durable. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking to or .ca,, etc.