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Hardware For Bahama Shutters




If you’re planning to install new Bahama shutters for your home, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate hardware. Bermuda shutter hardware is made specifically for this type of shutter, which hinges at the top. These shutters are often seen on porches and ocean-front homes and offer privacy, protection, and shade. You can purchase powder-coated white bahama sliding hinges from companies like Lynn Cove Foundry.

Aluminum sliding Bahama track hinge

The Bahama track hinge consists of a movable panel section connected to the structure with a pivoting aluminum hinge. The panel section can be adjusted to several positions for optimal visibility while blocking direct sunlight. It also provides a beautiful shading device that adds instant island appeal to the home. You can choose between fixed, hinged, and sliding Bahama tracks to meet the specifications of your project.

Aluminum sliding Bahama track hinges are available in a wide range of sizes to fit both narrow and deep window openings. This hinge is designed to be a strong and durable option and comes in neutral black or a matching color to your shutter. For an added touch of class, you can paint the hinge to match your shutters.

The hardware kit includes a male and female hinge. The female half of the hinge mounts on the wall, while the male half attaches to the shutter. The hinge set can support a shutter weight up to 200 pounds. The kit includes locking mounting brackets to prevent accidental opening or closing during storms. The adjustable length of the stays also allows you to adjust the angle of opening and closing your shutters.

Adjustable and stationary arms prop open Bahama shutters

Bahama shutters have long been used in the Caribbean to keep out intense sunlight and heat. Today, they are becoming a popular choice for homes in the Southern United States. The sturdy design of Bahama shutters helps keep the heat out while still allowing a refreshing breeze to pass through. Bahama shutters are most commonly found on verandas and gazebos.

Bahama shutters are a reliable hurricane protection option. They are widely used in Florida’s Southwest region and provide superior protection from tropical disturbances. The shutters are a sturdy design that can be opened and closed in just a few minutes. This feature makes Bahama shutters a popular choice for remodeling homes.

To operate the shutters, a user simply grasps the hand grip portion 50c and turns a crank member 50 in a direction of choice. The crank member will then raise or lower a pair of arms 30′. These arms will then open the shutter panel.

Installation angle of Bahama shutters

If you want to add a touch of island charm to your home, you may want to install Bahama shutters. These shutters offer the same benefits as traditional blinds, including shade and protection from the elements. They can be completely open or partially closed and are fastened at the top of the opening. The louvered awning can be adjusted with telescopic arms, and they are made of extruded aluminum and are engineered to meet the Florida Building Code.

Before you start installing your new Bahama shutters, it’s best to measure the windows and the angle of installation. These two factors will help you determine the proper height for your window shutters. You’ll need a level, a drill driver and the appropriate fasteners. You will also need an additional pair of hands to help you hang the shutters properly.

Another benefit of installing Bahama shutters is that they protect your windows from severe weather conditions. Their hinges are installed at the top of the window, which means they stay in place even during storms. They’re also durable and prevent damage from flying debris. Installing them is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Types of arms

Bahama shutters, also called Bermuda shutters, are made from aluminum and permanently mount over window openings. These shutters are made to look decorative, and they also offer strong storm protection. They are also easy to maintain and are made to be durable. They provide privacy and protect against wind and rain, and are a popular option for vacationers and homeowners alike. These shutters are available in different colors and styles, and are available in two basic styles: non-rated and rated. The non-rated version has adjustable louvers, and is also available in full-view styles. Both styles are fully functional and can add charm to any home.

Bahama shutters use shutter stays, or arms, to divide the lower portion of the shutter from the window. They typically have swivel end caps that allow them to be adjusted to any desired length. Some shutter stays are made of stainless steel or other non-corrosive materials. Some are custom-made, and some homeowners craft wooden stays in decorative designs. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking to or .ca,, etc.