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Modern Fire Pits




modern firepit

There are a lot of choices when it comes to a modern fire pit. It doesn’t have to look traditional, but a modern fire pit can still be an excellent addition to your backyard. Choose a contemporary design that has minimal details, and accentuates your outdoor living space with its design. Here are a few of the top options for your modern firepit.


Somma is a unique firepit that features a retro aesthetic. Its solid steel construction and retro style give it a light and airy appearance that is perfect for the contemporary garden or outdoor living space. Its removable top section allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. It also comes with tongs and a stand.

This firepit is fuelled by a tank of propane that can be easily switched on and off. As with any gas appliance, use caution when using it. Only use it outdoors and avoid putting it inside an enclosed space. The gas can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. In such cases, be sure to check the safety instructions and follow them.

The Somma modern firepit is practical and handcrafted in the UK. It is perfect for outdoor use, as it can burn logs and even grill food. The firepit is easy to assemble, and comes with a grill and poker to enhance your cooking experience. It is also protected with a protective cover to avoid accidental spills.

This firepit can accommodate a decent amount of wood, and features a wire mesh cover that prevents sparks. It is also lightweight enough to carry around. It is also coated in heat-resistant paint, which will not rust or fade. The lattice design also lends a contemporary edge to the fire pit. It would look great in a contemporary garden.


The slender design of the Faro outdoor fire pit makes it a standout piece of contemporary outdoor furniture. Its focus on versatility means that it works well with various fuel types. The fireplace’s beautiful clay shell and metal bowl are paired with a tripod metal base for a sleek, sophisticated look. The fire pit is also portable, which means that you can easily move it to another location.

The Faro fire column consumes 0.44 lbs of gas per hour and can burn for up to 45 hours when equipped with a 20lb gas bottle. It is equipped with a gas regulator to ensure safety. The fire will give off heat that is comfortable to feel from as far as 20-120 cm away.


A modern fire pit is a great way to enhance the look of any exterior decor. A firepit such as the Solino provides a natural warmth to any patio, deck, or back yard. Its linear design can be stacked up to two levels. It is an excellent visual anchor for large outdoor spaces, and it offers 108,000 BTUs of heat. This fire pit is also great for large commercial settings.

Hooga Grasshopper

A modern firepit with wheels is an attractive and practical feature for outdoor spaces. With caster wheels, you can easily move the firepit to wherever you want it. Moreover, it’s built with Corten steel, which increases its resistance to corrosion. It also includes a two-way fire guard and a spark arrestor for safety.

Scale fireplace

The modern firepit with scale fireplace is a fire pit that has a square-shaped center for a bonfire, and storage on the sides for firewood. The concrete-tiled top also functions as a seat or small table. The fire pit is an excellent focal point for a garden or outdoor space.

The fire-rings are often designed with bright designs on their panels. Some models feature nature-themed panels to create a rustic ambiance. Others feature stainless steel panels, which look great next to tile and stone. Other designs incorporate a fire column made of stone, which elevates the fire pit experience above ground level.

Choosing a proper surface is crucial when setting up a fire pit. You should avoid placing it on grass or other flammable material. In addition, it’s important to remove any debris that may be left after a fire. You can use a heat-resistant mat if necessary.

Modern fire pits can be built in a weekend. However, the process is very time consuming and labor-intensive. Fire pits made from concrete should be built carefully because moisture trapped in the concrete can expand under high heat, causing cracks and even explosions. It’s important to note that concrete can become soot-stained over time, so you’ll need to seal your pit to avoid soot staining.

While a fire pit with scale fireplace might be attractive, it is important to remember that they are not right for every home. So, consider your budget, the style of your home, and the size of the fireplace before making your final purchase.

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