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Types Of Garage Doors That You Can Switch To Today

When it comes to the inside of the home, there are hundreds of things on the checklist when designing. But that shouldn’t stop you from moving outdoors. Or at least moving to the garage to start making choices.  The type of garage door that you choose may be more important than you realize. You want…
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types of garage doors
Custom garage doors are more popular than you might think. They either combine ways to open the door or use other types of techniques to open and operate that aren’t listed in the above operations. 
The type of garage door that you choose may be more important than you realize. You want to find a garage door that looks the way that you want it to but you also want one that operates the way you want it to as well. 
This type of garage door is very simple. The doors roll up into themselves making a rolled mat whenever the doors are open. They are more expensive and sleek than sectional garage doors, making them less popular.

Types Of Garage Doors

That said, check online thrift stores for places to buy garage doors that you can have installed. You will pay so much less for the materials that you will be able to afford a contractor to install them for you. 
Carriage Garage Doors
When it comes to the inside of the home, there are hundreds of things on the checklist when designing. But that shouldn’t stop you from moving outdoors. Or at least moving to the garage to start making choices. 

Sectional Garage Doors

The post Types Of Garage Doors That You Can Switch To Today appeared first on Homedit.
Materials For Garage Doors
Choosing Different Types Of Garage Doors

Slide To Side Garage Door

What most people don’t consider is that you can easily mix and match garage door materials. You can even add small amounts of new materials like glass or copper. While you can’t use this over the entire door, they make good accents.
Wood garage doors are gorgeous, the most gorgeous according to many people. It is also a green choice as long as you choose sustainable wood for your garage doors, so you can feel good about using it.
These doors are often automated, operating via an app on the phone or a remote control specifically for the door. They are safer than standard sectional doors because they can’t fall on someone who is opening the door. 

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

This is the most popular type of garage door in the United States. Sectional garage doors are made up of panels that are connected by hinges. The panels slide on a track via wheels that help it fold up compactly. 
There are different materials, operating systems, and colors that you can choose. Color is an easy choice but everything else is more difficult to decide because it isn’t just about personal preference anymore. 
A tilting garage door is very unique. It pivots up and slides into the top of the garage like a canopy. This type of door is not all that common but with new smart technology, it is becoming more popular. 

However, steel does not have a good life expectancy due to the fact that it is highly susceptible to corrosion and rust. It takes a bit of upkeep to make it look fresh and it doesn’t usually look very high-end. 

Carriage Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors
People new to garages in the mid-century wanted garage doors. But now that garages are a thing of the past, people want to branch out, which ironically means going back to the standard type of door.
Steel is a very popular choice for garage doors. It is durable and fairly versatile. It is decently lightweight and can look just about any way that you want it to look, despite the way steel is normally used.

Tilting Garage Door

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The door rolls up easily and is parallel with the ceiling whenever it is open. This makes it not noticeable and fairly easy to replace. It stays up via springs that keep the tensions when it isn’t closed. This is a solid choice for garage doors.
Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Roll Up Garage Doors

This is a great type of garage door that keeps well hidden when it is put up and looks great when it is down. It may be more expensive but if you like how it looks then it can definitely be worth it, yet again. 
This doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t use something else, but you will definitely need someone with experience in mechanics and robotics if you want to get a safe door. Never attempt to build your own.
The slide to the side garage door works exactly like the sectional garage door as it is a sectional garage door but instead of rolling up, it rolls to the side. This is a huge plus in most cases because it is safer.

Vinyl garage doors are perfect for large families with small children. They usually are built with a strong metal frame and filled with polyurethane insulation. They can look any way that you want them to look.

Custom Garage Door

Aluminum does not hold up well in bad weather at all. It dents easily and needs a good bit of protection. Aluminum can also get fairly warm in the summer which can cause burns, so be careful using it. 
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It is cheaper as far as upfront costs are concerned but it is also cheaper to maintain. But when it comes to bad weather, fiberglass isn’t always the best choice. So check with your contractor to find out if it will work for you. 

Materials For Garage Doors

There aren’t that many material options for garage doors. In fact, there are only about five major options. Some contractors will offer you more than five options but these are the five you will see most often.
Roll Up Garage Doors
This is actually fairly easy when you know what to look for. But knowing the names of the types of doors you want is something that you will have to learn rather than pick up over time. That’s what we are here for.

1. Steel

Let’s start with the style of garage doors, in terms of how they operate. These are your options when it comes to the way that your garage door opens and closes, with automation aside. These are the top garage door mechanics. 
However, they are nicer than sectional garage doors and more often seen in commercial buildings rather than residential buildings. This is a nice upgrade from sectional garage doors and is usually worth the investment. 

2. Vinyl

Wood doors are also the easiest to have custom-made, but this makes them much more expensive than most other doors. Wood garage doors will need to be sanded and refinished regularly to stay looking nice. 
That’s the magic of vinyl, a material that is often written off as a cheap material is actually an affordable option that should not be overlooked or put down. Consider vinyl to get your dream look for your garage doors. 

3. Wood

Garage doors aren’t as straightforward as they used to be. When garages were first introduced, there were only one or two options. Today, there are a couple of dozen garage door options for you to choose from.
You can add as many materials as you want as long as the frame and the base of the door are solid and strong. This can give you the most unique garage door in the neighborhood, which is a huge statement piece. 

4. Fiberglass

They usually do have to be custom-made to fit your garage, making them quite expensive. But the small windows above paired with the large hinges and handles make these one of the most adorable types of garage doors. 
Tilting Garage Door

5. Aluminum

Hardly anything is permanent in the home. In fact, you can change anything out with the right contractor at any time. You can sell your old garage doors or donate them to someone who needs them! 
Aluminum garage doors are light and fun. They look great and are also not that expensive compared to other similar materials. However, aluminum won’t last a lifetime as other garage doors can.

6. Mix And Match

Slide To Side Garage Door
This is a really common type of door for every other use but when it comes to garage doors, they are one of the rarest types. There isn’t a real reason why this type of door isn’t all that popular so they are becoming more popular.

Choosing Different Types Of Garage Doors

It’s not that it isn’t possible to have other materials for your garage doors, it’s simply that it isn’t practical. While there will be new types of garage doors introduced over time, this is what you’ll see today. 
Making that final decision can be nerve-wracking. After all, any decision you make for your home will not feel like a small decision. But keep in mind that it is possible to change your mind later on and change the doors.
Custom Garage Door
Carriage garage doors don’t just have a good name, they are also high-end in today’s world. They can be found on front doors for homes but they are also quite popular with homeowners for their garage.
Fiberglass isn’t the most popular type of garage door but you’d be surprised how many “wood” doors that you see are actually made of fiberglass. This is a great option for those who want the look without the price tag.

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