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Water Garden Ideas




If you’re looking for ideas for water gardens, you’ve come to the right place. You can create a unique outdoor space that is both relaxing and inviting. You don’t have to invest in expensive furniture, wooden floors, or hammocks to make the perfect water garden. Instead, you can focus on creating a long pond that mimics a stream. You can also add natural accents like rocks and damp-loving plants.


Fountains are a great way to add color and texture to your water garden, and they also attract wildlife. Many types of flowering plants are perfect for fountains, including hydrangeas, coneflowers, and daylilies. Butterfly bushes and lavender are also excellent choices. If you don’t have time to grow your own flowers, you can add ornamental grasses to the water garden. These plants grow well in hot and dry climates. One of the best ornamental grasses for fountains is ‘Little Bunn’, which grows up to 15 inches tall. If you’d like a shorter ornamental grass, try blue fescue. A variety of tropical and subtropical plants can also be planted around fountains.

A modern fountain can be as simple as a glazed terra-cotta jar. The green jar creates a cool focal point for a water garden. Another unique fountain idea is the use of basalt, a dark volcanic rock that blends into the landscape. Basalt columns are a distinctive feature because of their unusual shape and contrasting color. They are also a great way to make a statement in your water garden.

A large, elaborate water feature can be a great focal point for a small space. It can be surrounded by seasonal plants and can even be a seating area. A classic central fountain with raised bends and a bench surrounding it is also an excellent option. If you’re on a budget, consider a simple bowl instead. This water feature will still serve the same purpose and is much cheaper than running pipes.

If you’re not into building or buying a fountain, try a small bubble fountain set-up. These are also great for small gardens. They won’t take up much space and add a luxurious ambiance.

In-ground basins

In-ground basins make a great addition to a water garden. Whether small or large, they can capture the tranquility of flowing water in a variety of shapes and forms. They are also an excellent place to add a water fountain or two. This design can be paired with various types of plants and flowers to create a beautiful and tranquil setting.

Tiered fountains are another popular water garden idea. The tiered watering cans are positioned so that the water pours into another watering can. A tiered fountain creates a beautiful effect in an informal garden. In-ground basins can also be used to create a waterfall.

If you plan on installing a fountain in your garden, make sure the basin is large enough to collect the water. An 18-inch deep basin is ideal for most fountains. However, deeper basins can be used as well. After installation, remove the top layer of soil from the bottom of the basin. If the basin is large enough, you can use a shovel to spread the soil evenly across the lawn.

The peaceful sounds of flowing water can make any garden a haven of tranquility. They also help to maintain a sense of balance in the landscape. Whether you choose a simple water garden with a waterfall or more elaborately layered garden with streams, a water garden will help you achieve the relaxing feeling you’re seeking.

Another water garden idea that uses an in-ground basin is an interactive pond. This water feature features a stone pathway that runs through the middle. The walkway is made of basalt pieces that are several centimeters higher than the water. The pathway has an access flap near the pump.

Small ponds

One of the best ideas for a water garden is to install a small pond. These are a great way to add beauty to your yard, and they require just a few basic ingredients. The first step is to choose a location with good sunlight exposure. Ideally, your pond should receive six hours of sunlight per day. This will help it keep a consistent temperature.

A small pond can have a waterfall or overhanging structure built into its edge. You can also use edge plants that sit off the main border of the water garden. Edge plants camouflage the edges of the pond and do not distract from the waterfall. Even better, you can use floating fronds that arise from submerged leaf stems. These plants will add drama to your water garden.

If you have space available, you can choose tropical or hardy plants to grow in your water garden. You can also use fish. However, it is not a good idea to keep fish in a small pond. Cold-water fish need a lot of space to move and hide. They need a natural flora and fauna to live in. Also, you need to provide proper care for them during the winter.

Adding a small pond to a garden is a great way to add visual interest. The water is a wonderful sensory element, reflecting the sun and reflecting fallen leaves and creating ripples in the grass. You can also add marginal plants to add color and texture to your water garden.

A small pond can also be used as an outdoor seating area. You can place a deck or sunken seating area next to the water. You can also plant bulbs and low-maintenance perennials near the water. To make the area more enjoyable, install lighting near the water feature.

Container water gardens

Container water garden ideas can include plants, frogs, and other aquatic life. While the water may remain stagnant, the water can be cycled using small pumps and bubblers to release oxygen into the water, which supports plants and fish. Some small pumps are powered by an electric outlet and feature adjustable flow controls. These pumps are typically capable of filling water containers of three to five feet. If you choose to fill deeper pots, you may need a larger pump to accommodate the volume of water.

A container water garden can support up to half a dozen different species of plants. These plants can be purchased from local pet stores and water garden supply centers, as well as from various online sources. It is important to choose a pond liner with a 10-mm thickness to prevent water leakage. Water-loving plants should be placed in water that covers the liner completely.

The water in a container water garden can provide a permanent source of water for birds and wildlife. If you choose a container that is shallow enough, you can attract tree frogs and other small birds to lay eggs. Also, make sure that you place a branch in the container where small birds can perch and rest. To build a container water garden, you will need a few hours of your time, but in the end, the effort will pay off in the form of months of enjoyment.

Container water gardens are easy to build and maintain and can be a great addition to a container garden. They are easy to set up, low maintenance, and can support plants, frogs, insects, and even small fish. You will be amazed at the variety of wildlife that can be found in a container water garden.

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