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Garden Fencing For Privacy

Which Wayfair Fence Species is Right For Your Home?




If you’re considering fencing for your property, you may be wondering which species would best suit your home. The best choice depends on the climate and your tastes. For example, a sunny climate might be ideal for a yew hedge. While it’s not as quick to grow as other types, yew offers aesthetic value, while cloudy climates might do best with a privet species. These trees grow to five to ten feet tall and can survive salt-bearing winds and air pollution.

Bamboo fencing

Bamboo fencing is a beautiful and eco-friendly option for fencing your property. Unlike traditional wooden fencing, bamboo is fast-growing and requires minimal maintenance. It is also easy to replace, making it the perfect choice for home improvement projects. Installing bamboo fencing is easy, and most homeowners can complete the job themselves in a weekend. This environmentally friendly product is available in rolls and individual poles, so you can install it however you like.

Bamboo fencing is available in an array of colors and styles. You can choose from split bamboo, natural bamboo, or whole bamboo poles to create the privacy and aesthetic appeal that you want. Bamboo fencing is inexpensive and can be easily installed, making it a great choice for landscaping and enclosing your yard.

Split bamboo slat fences are a great option if you want to create an earthy, rustic look for your yard. These inexpensive, eco-friendly fencing options are also great for covering unsightly chain link fencing. Bamboo slats are about 1/2″ wide and are easy to install.


When a homeowner wants to create a natural privacy fence, yews are a great choice. This species can be easily trimmed to a variety of widths, heights, and shapes. These fences can also be used as a living wall for small gardens. You can also customize your yew fence to the shape and depth you want.

Spotted laurel

Spotted laurel is a hardy shrub that bears red berries and evergreen leaves throughout the year. In temperate climates, spotted laurels grow up to 10 feet tall. In the native forest environment, they can grow as tall as 16 feet. This plant is a tough plant and is resistant to most common diseases. However, it will wilt and stunt if placed in too much sun or too much soil. This plant also grows well in urban settings.

Spotted laurel is a great accent plant and informal hedge. It can be grown in containers and brought indoors during the winter when temperatures are low. It is a hardy plant, but it is susceptible to spider mites. Generally, spotted laurel doesn’t require a lot of pruning.

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