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Decorative Front Doors




Decorative front doors are not just for Victorian homes. They are the perfect choice for modern and contemporary homes alike. They can be shaped in many different ways, and are available in a variety of materials. Sidelights, transoms, grilles, and wood cladding are just a few of the many choices.


Sidelights on decorative front doors can add texture and color to your home’s interior and increase privacy. These window treatments are attached to the door with curtain rods. The choice of curtain fabric is important. Some light fabrics are translucent, allowing natural light into the home. Other materials are heavier, providing more privacy and blocking light. Make sure you choose a fabric that meets your requirements and compliments your color scheme.

Sidelights are easy to replace. They can be made of small pieces of wood. Also, the glass in them is easily replaced. Sizes vary, so take measurements of your front entryway and the door.


Transoms on decorative front doors can be a decorative feature that adds to the beauty of the entrance. They are typically 1/2-inch thick, clear, tempered glass. Other options include low-E glass and argon-filled units. You can also choose a transom that incorporates decorative pattern glass.

Transoms are also useful inside the home. They can help transfer light into adjoining rooms. They also serve as interesting architectural features. Transoms come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be an attractive addition to a home.


Grilles on decorative front doors can enhance the look of your home and help keep out the elements. They can also make it easier to clean the glass. Decorative grilles are available in many different designs, styles and materials. If you are unsure of what you need, contact our Customer Support Group for help.

The first step in replacing a grille is to remove the old one. To remove the old grille, you need to remove the glass panel and the exterior frame. Using a putty knife, you can cut the exterior frame and remove the old caulk. Then, use a razor scraper to scrape the remaining caulk off the grille frame.

Wood cladding

Real wood cladding on decorative front doors offers both functional benefits and a charming aesthetic. Whether it’s a traditional farmhouse or a modern apartment, wood cladding is a perfect choice for any home. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, you can opt for a dark wood cladding. Using wood cladding as an accent to more modern construction materials is a great way to incorporate sustainable building practices into your home.

Wood cladding on decorative front doors can be left untreated, or it can be finished with a colour of your choice. If you’d prefer a more sophisticated finish, you can choose to paint the cladding grey, or leave it to weather and appear silvery. If you don’t want to paint the cladding, you can choose to paint it a different shade to match your front door.


The JELD-WEN Architectural(tm) Collection of fiberglass doors is crafted to complement any residential architectural style. This series features matching fiberglass components and authentic woodgrain replication. Its MasterGrain Nickel Vapor Deposition technology creates a fiberglass door that is virtually indistinguishable from a real wood door. Moreover, fiberglass doors are durable and low maintenance.

Fiberglass doors are a great choice for homes that want a high-quality entranceway that will protect them from intruders and weather. These doors also provide an attractive appearance and enhance curb appeal. Fiberglass doors are composed of compression-molded fiberglass, which adds durability without sacrificing flexibility. Fiberglass is versatile enough to be molded into any shape or design, ensuring that the new door will match the look and style of your home. Manufacturers usually create two doors, one on each side, and then fit them onto the frame. Then, they fill the hollow between the two pieces with a household-safe foam core.


The durability and appearance of steel front doors are what set them apart from their wooden counterparts. The material is resistant to natural phenomena and offers a broad range of design possibilities. Due to modern production technologies, these doors can be crafted in unique shapes and patterns that make them a great option for front door applications.

Steel doors are very competitive and come with coordinating accessories to help you customize your front door. These accessories increase the value of your entryway and make it more attractive to your visitors. Andrew Braden of Braden Construction, which installs steel and fiberglass front doors, says that his clients usually opt to add sidelights to the doors. These options are relatively inexpensive and add a higher value to the home.

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