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How to Protect Garden From Animals




In rural areas, a garden can be visited by a variety of animals, from ungulates to bears. Large wild cats can also visit a garden, especially if they hunt smaller animals. Think of the movie Caddyshack, which features a golf course that is visited by gophers and other animals. Here are some ways to protect your garden from these pests.

Plants deter deer

One of the best ways to keep deer out of your garden is to plant deer-resistant plants. Many flowering herbs, such as lavender, catmint, hyssop, and Russian sage, will deter deer. These flowers also have a strong smell, which will confuse deer’s sense of smell and discourage them from feeding on them. Other plants that deter deer include dead nettle, blue mist shrub, lantana, and calamintha.

Chicken wire deters deer

A simple way to deter deer from your garden is to lay down chicken wire. The metal wire can be placed at least four or five feet above the ground to keep the animals away. You can also cover some vulnerable plants with garden fleece. It helps to protect the foliage from deer but still allows light to get through.

Cayenne pepper tea deters mice

Cayenne pepper is a natural deterrent for mice. You can use it in tea or spray form. To make this solution, mix cayenne pepper flakes, water, and liquid soap. Add three to five drops of cayenne pepper and store in the fridge before using. It will not kill mice but it will keep them away for a while. However, cayenne pepper can cause discomfort to humans and pets who may be allergic to it.

Raised garden beds prevent animals from reaching garden

Raised garden beds are excellent choices if you’d like to keep small animals out of your garden. Because the ground is not high enough to allow small animals to reach the soil below, they are more vulnerable to predators. Also, the raised bed’s solid or lined bottom discourages animals from getting to your garden. Besides, plants in raised beds have higher branches, leaves, and fruits.

Predator urine deters deer

When a gardener is enraged by a deer, one option is to spray their yard with predator urine. This type of deer repellent is known to deter wolves, coyotes, and white-tailed deer. Nevertheless, it has limitations, especially in gardens. It is not effective in the long run, and it could even attract coyotes looking for a mate.

Ladybugs are beneficial garden insects

Among the many benefits of ladybugs in your garden, they can protect your plants from harmful animals and insects. You can encourage ladybugs to live in your garden by planting flowers and allowing them to visit the flowers. Plants that attract ladybugs include alyssum, dill, mint, and daisy flowers. Adding a ladybug house to your garden can also help attract ladybugs and provide them with a good home.

Fencing deters deer

A deer fence is one of the most effective tools to keep deer out of your garden. Deer are known for damaging plants and can be especially difficult to keep away from if you grow your own produce. Common crops that are commonly targeted by deer include tomatoes, squash, peas, greens, blueberries, and strawberries. Fortunately, there are several methods to use to prevent deer from entering your garden. The most effective method involves using a two-tiered fence system.

Using an animal repellent device

Using an animal repellent device can be a very effective way to keep animals away from your garden. Most of them produce sound waves that only animals can hear. These devices are very effective and can be placed on a wall or in the ground. They will keep pets and other animals from accessing your garden, and can also deter pests.

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